Fran Zepeda – Lady Master Venus: You Are Pure Creative LOVE – 29 May 2014

Picture of me 5 (2)Lady Master Venus:

Hello, I AM Lady Venus. I speak from this channel’s heart today. I appear before her in blue translucent light and bring much Love to her and to you all today.

You have embarked on this journey of LOVE and as such it is becoming more and more transparent to you of its many facets and its depths, its sweet deliverance of feelings you have not tapped into since the early days of your creation.

You are returning now, dear ones. You are arriving at a new plateau, new heights of what Love is for you. It does not ask anything of you. It does not require anything of you. It just requests that you swim inside it. That you embrace it, that you revel in all its facets and depths.

This has become a full-time job for you. It reveals many parts of you that you have not been aware of so apparently until now. And it perplexes you, yet it excites you. It brings up feelings that confuse you, yet allows you to dig deeper into your depths, into your true nature.

I AM Love. YOU ARE LOVE. Dear ones, it is time you realized it. Begin to explore the many facets of LOVE, your inherent nature. It is all you are. It is all you will ever hope to be, dear ones.

Take a little journey with me now, dear hearts. Ride upon my blue stream of Soft Love. Let it enfold you, let it encompass you. Let it touch you and penetrate you into all the crevices of your Being. Float with it, breathe it in. Let it expand your lungs to capacity. Then watch for the opening it provides – New thoughts, new feelings, previously unknown to you, so don’t resist.  Allow them to enter into your consciousness and breathe, breathe, breathe the soft essence of Love. In and Out. Feel the velvety texture, the deep abiding essence of it.

Explore now these new feelings of LOVE. Let them take over and embrace you, nurture you – Let them BE you. I am your hostess, your guide in this journey in this moment. Let us explore together what Love means to you now that you are embracing it as your core essence. It sings, it flies, it floats, it opens all doors for you.

Be with it now and touch the softness of it. Let it take you deeper into your Being. Allow the feelings of Bliss and Joy to well up in you as you tap your True Essence, as you solicit and welcome those once-buried awarenesses of Love.

Take yourself back to your beginnings. Welcome Source again. Welcome your true nature – All it is is LOVE. Any feelings to the contrary are leaving your consciousness now to make room for these once-buried feelings of Love – The all-encompassing nature of it.

Wrap yourselves up in this. Consider yourselves a beautiful ball of glowing light and all it knows is Love. All you know is Love now. Allow yourselves to sit in that deep deep place of glowing Love for now. Get used to it. You are reacquainting yourself with what you once reveled and lived in solely before you invited thoughts of separation to enter.

Take yourselves back now and be that pure ball of golden light that only knows Love and Innocence and Purity and pure Ecstasy and Bliss. Breathe it in. Expand your lungs with it. Expand your cells with it. Expand your aura with it. Become it now.

You are Bliss. You are Love. You are Ecstasy. You are Pure Creative LOVE. Be at the center of it more and more throughout your day and experience new thoughts and insights. Magnify all thoughts and feelings of Love, Light and Bliss as they come in. Let it become the New You.

Breathe in and out with me now. Feel my softness of Love. Incorporate it now within you. We are One.



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