Hotel Brunei: Hollywood Morality Consumes Itself – 29 May 2014

RT logoHollywood stars are all in a tizzy about the owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Sultan of Brunei’s introduction of sharia law in his homeland has seen calls for a boycott of the hotel growing daily.

The City of Beverly Hills has passed a resolution condemning Brunei’s laws and calling for divestment of its Beverly Hills properties, and PEN has withdrawn its contract to hold its annual benefit at the legendary hotel.

Ironically the last time I was at the hotel, it was for an MS magazine gala, featuring Gloria Steinem, Mavis Leno (wife of Jay, who is leading the boycott brigade along with Ellen DeGeneres) and a young Afghan woman who played poster child for the “triumph of American feminism” (Afghan feminist Malalai Joya would have quite a bit to say about this) over the evil Taliban.

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