Lisa Gawlas – The Light Body, The Pull Of Co-Creation And more – 29 May 2014

lisagawlas2I sat at my computer on Monday, the day I was supposed to leave for Sedona (but didn’t simply due to the air quality from the fires burning there) and of course I filled my day up with readings.  My thinking was… might as well do something productive.  As I took a minute to look over my daily agenda, something really strange happened, something that I have never experienced before.  I could see the light from every cell in my body stream out of my skin and move upwards towards my face and said in no uncertain terms “I thought were taking the day off today.”   What the hell was that??

Granted, I know the body, the cells of the body have consciousness, but the ability to organize a revolt to the mind itself!!??  I have got to ponder this deeper, but not this day, I have work to do!!  lol  I did assure the cells of my body that Tuesday is a real day off, no appointments, we can just chill and ponder together.   Man, my cells not only took me seriously, they made sure I couldn’t change my mind.  I was in la la land all day long Tuesday.  I suppose I should be grateful for getting my blog out lol.

I may not have done a damn thing in my physical world, but man oh man, the bursts of understandings that were coming thru (for two days) made it all worth while.

We talk about co-creation a lot, or, at least I do (smile.)  But, before we can genuinely c0-create, with purpose, from the fields of conscious intelligence beyond our body, we must first learn to fully and totally co-create with the trinity that makes up the body itself.

Mind, Body, Soul.  Three working as one.

Ok, lets just look at the body itself.  A massive amount of cells all working together to keep the physical body functioning, not so much in the way you and I may want it to function, but in the way it needs to function to make sure we do not lose our awareness of the bigger picture.

Which really brought me to pondering the “light body.”  I seen my cells all gang up on me (well, the mental part of me.)  A coup d’etat in its own right!  At least they were kind enough to wait to overthrow my governing body (mind) until the next day.  lol  Nothing like a co-operative coup!!

However, this understanding really continues on from my previous sharing about our dark side and our light side.  The majority of us that made it to the front lines of this light wave of the Garden of Eden made manifest, got here by scrubbing our “thinking” clean.  Releasing the way we had been programmed to look at life, to experience life, even the expectations piled on us with life itself.

Every time we looked into the depths of our own darkness and turned on the light of awareness, a cell (or many) in the body of Light fired, turned on forever.  For me personally, this encompassed the first 8 years on this crazy path.  Thru it all, it never stopped the times we know as the dark night of the soul.  When the light body goes dark for a while.  When it feels like the spiritual sweater that has become your new skin, left town and the darkness returns.  Until you get to the point where the dark night still happens, but it more like pre-dawn or dusk.  You know what is happening.  The depths of raunchy emotions just simply does not exist like it once did, yet, that spiritual sweater is no longer as vibrant as it once was.  At least, for a little while.

The body MUST power down.  I know this now with absolute clarity.  It a time that is so much more than recharging, but really powering up to a new level of Light.  The light itself is held in the cells of the entire body.  The truest, purest energy system we have.

The body itself has needs and desires, the soul is the magnetic field that attracts, creates the outcome of the needs and desires, and the mind itself is the navigator.

Here is the pesky part.  The moment the mind takes a path of its own, the body and soul are creating the energy, the experience(s) to get it back on course. Sometimes, gently, sometimes with massive explosions so it is not missed in the redirection.

Many still have a lot of bias in that mental matter.  Hell, it seems everything creates new biases, this thing we call a spiritual path is no different from anything else where group minds merge.  Imagine what it feels like to be completely FREE of any bias.  Of any belief system what so ever.  If we can get out of that pool of collective energy, we would FINALLY honor body and soul together, its needs, desires and creation abilities.

There is a strong difference in energies when you know you just personally do not like something, and then the energies of fear that something is bad for you.  Everytime you (more than likely, innocently) feel that something is bad for you, you are turning off the cells of light and keeping yourself in the dark, reducing the energy outflow and ability to hear/see the communicative world around us.

I did this very thing with the likes of Jorge.  I finally realized what my issue with him was.  In meditation he is just sooo pretty.  So flipping young and buff.  Of course, in spirit, in our truest essence we can and do take on any body, any age we loved most.  With Jorge, his presentation in my meditations connected with the younger, wilder (can we say freer) part of myself.  I didn’t even realize he was banging against my own (well hidden) biases to shake them free…. eventually.

I have spent this last month diving deep into my dark recesses and turning on the light of understanding, freeing myself from my mental chatter.  Phew, what a work out!!

Beyond the Darth Vader pondering, there was another reading I did with a man (interesting, all the folks pushing me deeper into myself this last week or so, have been men on the field… hmmmmmm.)  But there he was, standing in May with someone out in the midst of June, a fishing rod in their hand, and I watched as this fishing rod was cast outwards towards May and got my man on the field right in the solar plexus.  What was even more interesting was that the fishing line itself was an intense yellow.  Soul lines of energy.

Until that moment, I never even gave thought to the fact that there may be others out in our field of life, seeking us.  Calling out soul energy to their little corner of the created world.  Well just dah!!  But how many are like me, seeking from my own heart and not listening to the call of another?  Geez, I can be so self (yup, small s there) absorbed sometimes.

This fisher person (I could not tell if it was a man or woman, but it was a human, that I was sure of) was way off in the west, outside of this mans comfort zone of living.  The fishing line/hook landed in my mans solar plexus and the fisher person started reeling in the line… slowly.  Our job is to follow the magnetic pulls of energy and flow with them.  But, we also have that pesky mind that can just take the hook (which sounds crueler than it is) out and ignore the call outwards.

Hmmmmm… ohhh the pondering got deep for me.  I am not using the darkness as my strength, I am using it to avoid things.  Namely, that amazing connection I call Jorge.

This past week or so, I have heard my team putting the dating site “eharmony” in my face, in my audio system, shit, even on commercials on TV.  I ignored it for two weeks.  These two profound connections tho… started shaking me up in new ways.  Dammit.

I must have finally got out of my mind about every aspect of Jorge, because Monday evening while doing dishes, I seen his human form.  Holy shit, he is not a buff 30 something guy… not even close.  I cannot tell you just how excited I got, the flood of relief was exciting.  I still didn’t do a damn thing with it, except maybe smiled and finished my dishes.

My team decided to up the game during my sleep time.  Keep in mind, I almost never dream, when I do, I pay very close attention.  This dream was an experience, so real, so vivid in my memory even today.

I was in a hospital bed with my right foot up in the air (emotional/spiritual path of life) and a strange-looking IV that was in the arch of my right foot (looked more like a safety pen, but I knew it was an IV.  Then this nurse comes in and yells at me “you have diabetes!”  I yelled back at her “no I don’t” then as soon as I looked down at my foot, it was so freakin purple, my toes were a dark purple and from my arch to the toes a lighter purple.  Scared the shit out of me, so I tried to get up and go to the bathroom to get that IV out of my foot, knowing it was what was causing the discoloration of my foot.  I had the hardest time walking cuz there was a needle in the bottom of my damn foot.  Shit.  I end up back in bed and then this nurse, still insisting i have diabetes in my right foot, came lunging at me with this insulin needle.  She tried to plunge it into the left side of my chest (physical life side) and the t-shirt I had on must have had a decal or something on it, because she couldn’t it thru the plastic material under the t-shirt, so then she back up, lunged at me again and slammed her needle into the right side of my chest, instantly, the fluid in the needle squirted out of my mouth.  I woke up, but the dream was way too vivid to forget.

I so get this crazy ass dream.  Diabetes, the inability to process the sweetness in life.  Because it was in my right (emotional/spiritual) foot, path forward, I was stopping the sweetness (the IV that looked like a safety pen) from arriving.  The fact that on many levels I want this (hence the IV, emotional fluids in) but don’t put my foot forward to get it, well, my foot turned purple.  Purple in my world now represents the ascended masters in body, in consciousness within body and because of my mental matter, I am keeping that from myself, and now it is backing up.

That crazy nurse, the divine feminine, the healer, my soul… showing me i have some serious protection under my shirt (the clothes I wear in life) within my physical life, fortunately, my emotional/spiritual side is wide open.  For the medicine (emotions she plunged in me) to have any affect, I must use it thru my voice/Self expression, hence the fluid flying out of my mouth.

I joined eharmony as soon as I got out of bed!!  lol  No gangrene setting into my soul desires let me tell ya!!  I know a kick in the ass when I dream it!! lol

Mind, body and soul, one co-creative machine, giving full power and unlimited resources to the field of life that is c0-creating for you, thru you in the vastness of, well… everything!!!

Actually, this brings me to yet another mans reading.  Geez, where did all these men come from???  lol  Anyway, there he was, Santa Claus stepping into the beginning of June.  To his left was a little house or workshop or something.  Inside of it was an elf busily working on something.  I eventually realized he was making new shoes for Santa (my guy I was reading for.)  When I looked at the shoes he was wearing, they were black Santa boots.  Black, the deep unknown/unforeseen.  Yet, in his innate trust of moving forward thru the things he couldn’t see, he landed in Christmas land (June/July) and he (as we all are) is the Santa Claus that brings and gives gifts.

The elf was making him a new pair of shoes, the wooden, dutch ones.  Made from the roots of the new earth (think, tree of life) aligned with the interconnections of the ground itself and all the lay-lines upon her.  No more moving forward in the dark… but purposely with the frequency of the magnetic pull of the earth and those aligned with this new earth.

But more than that, the greater message was… Santa has helpers.  He is not the one making the gifts, the elves are.  We need to constantly employ our elves with our desires.  They do the work, we move in alignment with where it is taking us.  It is our job to employ them, give them tasks to fulfill the desire within us and those around us.

Eharmony just became one of my Christmas elves.  I now know what Jorge looks like in body so I will know when he shows up.  Gulp.

Merry Christmas too ALL!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures and stuff!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P..S. I used this art because it so reminded me of the light energy in the veins I had seen the other day.  Fire up!!!! /link to original article


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