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Lisa Gawlas – The Light Body, The Pull Of Co-Creation And more – 29 May 2014

lisagawlas2I sat at my computer on Monday, the day I was supposed to leave for Sedona (but didn’t simply due to the air quality from the fires burning there) and of course I filled my day up with readings.  My thinking was… might as well do something productive.  As I took a minute to look over my daily agenda, something really strange happened, something that I have never experienced before.  I could see the light from every cell in my body stream out of my skin and move upwards towards my face and said in no uncertain terms “I thought were taking the day off today.”   What the hell was that?? Continue reading

Geo-Political Posturing And Pipeline Politics: Turkey As An Energy Hub – 29 May 2014

RT logoAuthor: Dr. Can Erimtan is an independent scholar residing in İstanbul, with a wide interest in the politics, history and culture of the Balkans and the Greater Middle East. He tweets at @theerimtanangle

After a decade of AKP rule, under the popular yet divisive leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has finally become an important regional player in the Middle East and Europe.

The past decade has seen amazing growth in economic terms and this booming economy necessarily led to greater political clout – a situation relished by Tayyip Erdogan, who has been acting accordingly ever since. His moment in the sun at Davos five years ago, when he defiantly walked out on Israel’s President Shimon Peres, launched him into the global limelight, turning him into a hero for many disenfranchised Muslims worldwide and transforming him into a global leader of some import. But is the Turkish economic miracle, constituting the base of this new political power, a reality or merely a chimera?

Over the past ten years, Turkey has enjoyed an average economic growth rate of 5.2 percent a year, a trend which started to waver in 2011 according to Fadi Hakura, Turkey analyst at the London-based think tank, Chatham House. In fact, the economic boom was built with the income provided by the ruthless privatization program instituted by the AKP government. Speaking on the radio station Voice of Russia recently, Hakura explained that the AKP-led privatizing drive was a “revenue maximizing privatization,” making large amounts of cash readily available to invest in all kinds of profitable ventures, particularly property development and real estate.

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Americans Have First Amendment Right To Film Police, US Appeals Court Rules – 29 May 2014

RT logoA federal appeals court has ruled that Americans have the right to videotape police officers in public, thereby allowing a court case brought against New Hampshire police to progress.

Carla Gericke was arrested in 2010 for videotaping members of the Weare Police Department who pulled over her friend during a traffic stop. Her video camera malfunctioned, however, and she failed to record evidence of the incident.

Nevertheless, Gericke was arrested for disobeying a police officer, obstructing a government official, and “unlawful interception of oral communications,” the court said. Concerning her failed efforts to record the incident, the court noted that the malfunction was irrelevant: “We agree that Gericke’s First Amendment right does not depend on whether her attempt to videotape was frustrated by a technical malfunction. There is no dispute that she took out the camera in order to record the traffic stop.”

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‘Obama Says The US Is Indispensable, Meaning All Other Countries Are Dispensable?’ – 29 May 2014

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If indispensable means invasive than there is no country that has invaded more states in the world, that has violated human rights and international law more than has the US, foreign policy expert Richard Becker told RT.

On May 27 President Obama made a speech, in which he called America ‘exceptional’ and described it as a helping hand to any nation in need. He also announced that 9,800 US troops will be left in Afghanistan through much of next year and backed away from ending America’s longest war until at least his final year in office.

RT: During his West Point speech, Barack Obama focused on his foreign policy achievements, including Iraq and Afghanistan withdrawals. Do you think this may have been premature, considering that these countries are still in crisis?

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CommonDreams – Downed Helicopter Kills 14 As Ukraine ‘Fratricidal War’ Deepens – 29 May 2014

common-dreamsDowned Helicopter Kills 14 as Ukraine ‘Fratricidal War’ Deepens

Continued violence makes negotiated settlement increasingly difficult

Jon Queally, staff write

Separatists in the east of Ukraine who refuse to submit to the political and military authority in Kiev have shot down a helicopter near the city Slaviansk, killing a reported fourteen soldiers including a general. Continue reading

Wes Annac – We’ve Created A Culture – 29 May 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac

This is an introductory article to The Culture of Awareness, which is the blog I’ve created to replace The Aquarius Paradigm.

All around this evolving planet, people are awakening to the existence of spirit and the necessity to move beyond our old and instated ways of being, and as they do, they seek likeminded people who are aware of the same things as them. Continue reading

UK Column News – 28th May – 29 May 2014

Uploaded on 28 May 2014 by ukcolumn Louise Collins and Brian Gerrish with today’s news updatefrom the UK Column, including more on “inclusive capitalism”.