Family Of Disabled Man Killed In New York Facility Gets $12 Million Bill From State – 30 May 2014

RT logoNew York may have retaliated against a lawsuit by billing the family of a homicide victim nearly $12 million. The deceased was a disabled man living in a government-run facility, where he died. Now the state is seeking reimbursement for his Medicaid.

Rasheen Rose, a 33-year-old autistic and nonverbal man, was a resident at the Bernard Fineson Developmental Center, a state-run mental health institution in the New York City borough of Queens. He died in August 2012 after being restrained by guards. In December, the Medical Examiner ruled Rose’s death was a homicide caused by “sudden death during physical restraint of agitated individual,” the New York Daily News reported at the beginning of 2013.

Shaneice Luke, the victim’s sister, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the state, as well as one against the guards in 2013.

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