Méline Portia Lafont – Transcript Of Messages From Méline And Saint Germain During During Radio Show – 30 May 2014

Hi sweet friends, Below I share the most important messages that were shared by me in the radio show of “the one people oneness” with Amy and Tammy.  We discussed a lot , see below.  I made a transcript of the parts that are important and also the channeled message of Saint Germain in the show, but there is much more shared during it.  Much love to all! Méline ❤
Here is the link to the archived radio show, we had some technical issues in the beginning of the almost 2 hour show, so skip to 17 minutes where we begin to talk.  After 1 hour the technical issues seem to dissolve more.  Thanks for your patience! it was a fun show with lots of current happenings, personal sharings, messages and tips.

In this Radio show we talk about:
  • An update on the current status of the planet concerning Ascension as seen from Méline’s and Saint Germain’s perspective.
  • Clearing process and our embodiment
  • the weird dreams that are going on
  • Anxieties that were felt during the week of May 21st
  • Twin Flames and re-union
  • Light quotient of Humanity
  • Are we close to a choice point?
  • Holding space and releasing for the collective
  • Getting in the heart
  • How to BE in the NOW
  • What is the collective going through
  • Staying low profile
  • Message from Saint Germain on show
  • Support and brotherhood
  • Remembrances of “Home”, the past time lines
  • Labeling and names
  • Light workers and the difficulties with money
  • Creations and issues that block the creations to be manifested
  • Self Love, Self acceptance
  • Channeling course and services from Méline
Q: Update from yours, Saint Germain’s perspective on the current status of the Planet:
Meline: The current wave of energies are emanating on this planet and it is through a deep exhale of creation that we are seeding ourselves in this reality at this time. We are bringing forth our Divine essences through BEING, which is the embodying of our Christed Self and our I AM Presence. Along we bring these energies forth through creation as well, for we are re-blending with all realities of our being, thus we create all our fractals of these Dimensions and realities through the embodying of these Higher levels of our being.
The current state of the Human Collective consciousness and the planetary Ascension is the following from Saint Germain’s perspective and point of view:
There is a deep Planetary shift in full unfoldment at this time, which has been instigated through the full moon or the Blood moon of the month of April. The Grand Cardinal cross has functioned as a large pillar of Light that descended on the Earthly sphere to bring things into the light as it has been triggering to bring things into the Light as it has been triggering and shaking things up, to say the least. Reviews have to be done since than and this in our personal lives as well as in the Human collective. Things and energies that you have to let go of become more clearer and obvious. The Grand Cardinal Cross has been shaking the Planetary energies and leaves nothing untouched. The eclipse at the end of April has seeded the new seeds for the next Planetary level of evolution, you are still running through these energies and entering a loop of a next purification stage of release. The mass consciousness is being initiated to the next levels of their Higher consciousness through being.
Q: There seems to be a lot of clearing going on but not so much tangible changes in the body yet.
Meline: We underestimate the transformational process of our bodies. We have billions of cells and structures in our physical expression that contain light. Our body is really dense and heavy of structure and each cell contains Light that is being inflamed and activated at this time in order to restructure our physical body into a crystalline body. This takes levels of processes and time and as time goes slower here, it looks like it is taking ages in our minds. But as we are embodying more and more of our pure consciousness, we reach the times of the Now and we even will be constantly in the Now.
At that point everything will already BE so and it will happen in a blink of an eye because all already is in the NOW. So this process will and IS speeding up already because we are releasing so much and holding that space of our pure Divine consciousness more and more.
We are already going at such a rapid pace, that we could blow up as our bodies are denser and need more time to adapt to what our consciousness is shifting in.
Q: What is the Light quotient of Humanity and where are we with triggering/entering the shift. Are we close to a choice point?
The Light quotient of Humanity is at the threshold of shifting into greater gears of the Self acknowledgment of the own Divine Self. The choice point of most of Humanity has been made: whether to BE on this plane with full Illumination and to shift the consciousness into the Divine expression OR whether to not BE in that plane of full Illumination and to continue the path plane of full illumination and to continue the path through other means.
Every day new souls are arriving to assist this grand reawakening, every day new soul-choices are being created and executed, and every day new paths and realities of consciousness are arising to assist everyone’s highest best to evolve and grow back to their SELVES.
We are currently working with closure. Closure of soul contracts, of karma, of old relationships and realities, closure of situations that are needed to be resolved, let go of or be forgiven. Most of it is done during dream state as you are then the most open for it. We also are still dealing with purifications, healing and release in our awake reality, because we must also be aware of what we let go of as we learn from it and evolve because of it through Self Mastery. It would be the easy way to go through this all if everything is done through sleeping state. We need to partake consciously as well and do some Self work.
The masses of Humanity have made their choices by heart and so everything is in its flow of unfolding. Hence all is a conscious choice from the Higher perspective and you create this to be, but all choices can be changed as well. But at this time many of the world population are dealing with their own personal release and confrontations of the ego mind. It is an intrinsic part to be able and transcend duality, so welcome this gift. Many may have a hard time to endure, but those too will come to a point where a shift will be made. As a matter of fact, this is going on as we speak.
We are at the tipping point here: walking on a rope, where we need to hold the balance while being on a weak rope or on the tip of a mountain where we can be pulled back into the depths of the old. We need to maintain balance in order to hold the new Earth and the space for creation with Light and our God Selves within.
Twin Flames
Twin Flame union is happening through union in the now, union with YOU as your Twin flame is you, another part of you. It is the most beautiful extraordinary process one can experience and embody. It is the bliss and the Love.
We tend to seek completion in another Human being because we feel emptiness, the missing and a ‘hole’ inside of us. As a human being you seek a partner to feel complete again and you find that it is not that, so you seek another partner and you find maybe after a while that it is not that either. It is being shown to us that what we seek is actually our SELF.
When we realize that, then there is a union, you will be happy and complete, in balance.
You see and experience your Twin flame outside of you and behind the veil because you see your Twin flame as being something separated from you. When allowing this part of you to merge with you in Union again, in the inner heart, you embody your Twin Flame part and become one. So you will be with your Twin flame at all times through embodiment within you, and you can experience the Twin Flame at all times and in all levels.
Message from Saint Germain through Méline during Radio show
Greetings to all of you dear friends.
My Love for your hearts is here for you, present within thy own Self. Allow me to bring you all a short message for it is my great gift to you all dear friends.
Awakening is happening.. It is happening in the dear hearts of you all. Times and realities are shifting as never before, because this is a grand and Global awakening that is taking place within as as well as with your embodiments. How Grand is that, Master beings of Light? Hmm?! Yes indeed!
Altering your current realities, brings forth a deeper understanding about your God given powers, which is your essence and your Divinity. You have the power within you, so it is you that change it all in this Grand Master piece. Don’t you see?! You have the power within you!
Waves of change are hitting the planet as we speak and there is no time to take a break. Breathe yourself through the rhythm of the waves, ground yourself and allow what needs to take place within you, my friends. You are being brought in an acceleration of light infusions, incoming transmissions and release.
Hold on my true light bearers, for you are the way showers and change makers of this world. Hold the space of your light within you at all times and be nice and loving towards another. Support and brotherhood are essential at this time. There is no competition here, only Love and compassion for ALL.
I AM your Brother,
Saint Germain
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com / link to original article

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