Selacia – Mastering Fluctuating Emotions – 30 May 2014

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by Selacia

Are you curious about how to master fluctuating emotions that seem to come out of nowhere and leave you feeling disheartened?

Especially now, given the latest cycle of more supportive energies, you may be wondering when things will calm down and what you can do to restart a more sustainable forward momentum.

In this article, I will help you understand why you feel like you do, the big picture of what’s really going on, and how to ride our current energy wave more skillfully.

First, here’s some background on the ups-and-downs you are encountering, and feeling.

We had a very intense April, with two eclipses and a rare planetary grand cross – stirring up revolutionary and radical changes across the planet and within everyone including you. If you didn’t feel the effects of that cycle, it doesn’t mean you are not impacted. It simply means that it’s under your conscious radar – unfolding out of view. That, in fact, is how a lot of our personal spiritual transformation germinates, coming to the surface in pieces over time.

Keep in mind that you are alive now to be intimately involved with the deeper levels of change occurring on Earth. As a divine changemaker, you are hard wired to be a leader of changes – and oftentimes this means you must first make the changes within.

Second, the very nature of cycles is that they are not static but constantly moving – shifting from one type of energy into something else.

You have your own personal cycles within the larger planetary cycles all of humanity experiences. Some moments, your own cycles will look dramatically different from what others are experiencing. At other times, you will be moving through a cycle with similar impacts as everyone else – experiencing a multiplication effect simply because you are in the dance with so many others. Check in with yourself regularly and ask: “How much of what I am feeling is part of the larger planetary energy cycle?”

It’s human nature to want to insulate when you feel on overwhelm. It’s also normal to want to block the avalanche of what’s coming in – all the choices and things to consider – because you doubt your ability to contain that much input or to do as much as is offered. Keep in mind, though, that the part of you doubting is not your multidimensional quantum self – it’s your conditioned self that sees itself as small, not enough, and not up to the task.

Third, a big part of your role now is mastering the quantum way of being and living it moment to moment in a real way.

Black-and-white thinking will stop you at every turn, because it is linear and limited. Example: when you are unknowingly connecting with a linear view, you will tend to label things and put them into categories. Much of the time you do this, it’s not conscious. When you do it, however, you can say “no” to things that are in your highest good to say “yes” to – simply because your linear mind thinks in terms of “this or that” rather than “this and that.” This linear approach limits you – in a very big way!

Example: perhaps on the weekend you turn off your phone and all contact with others, purposefully becoming still or perhaps simply finding escape activities like nonstop movies or getting involved without healthy boundaries in someone else’s drama.

Down time and helping others is a good thing, of course, but when approached in a black-and-white way and without common sense, you can miss out on the good stuff that indeed could propel you forward. Not checking your phone could mean, for example, that you miss a call from a dear college friend finding himself in your hometown for the first time in 10 years, and wanting to connect. Perhaps seeing that friend could have catalyzed your next project or manifestation of a long-cherished dream.

Remember:  something like this catalyzed one day can take a bit to unfold into something you recognize as beneficial. Your quantum self knows how to find balance and connect in a present way with such opportunities as they arise. In the process, you develop patience to be with what is and to recognize that demanding instant results leads to suffering and even blocks your good.

Fourth, is understanding and managing the emotional roller coaster of feeling trust one minute, then distrust the next.

You live in a world where many things are not as they appear – half-truths, lies, and omissions abound. How are you to know who and what to trust? How can you avoid getting jaded and pessimistic? The answer is simple, yet it does involve ongoing effort on your part: you must learn how to master discernment and that includes a brand-new way of questioning and being in the world … something your parents did not and could not teach you.

At a DNA level, you are already wired to operate in these new ways … and in fact it is this natural energy within you that propels you forward to discover new tools and spiritual practices for the mastery you need now!

Fifth, allow for fluctuations.

This is vital right now, for you sit in planetary energies that are turning life upside down. This is not personal to you, but it does impact you. Energies – just like the people that come in and out of your life – are in a constant dance. This means that within an overall cycle characterized by a more benevolent tone, you will be impacted by sudden ups and downs that can cause your good mood to go sour. Then, if you are not awake to the shift and put it on context, you could apply the lower-frequency emotions to your next thoughts and actions.

Another factor to consider is this. Sometimes the fluctuations you experience involve parts of you that simply are not in agreement – setting up an inner conflict.

Ever feel like your head and your heart are in conflict, your feelings telling you “no” even when your common sense says “yes?” Factor in the following to make peace with yourself: (1) planetary energies like we have today can stimulate an overload of emotions, seeming to come from out of the blue like a lightning bolt and (2) remember that energies impacting everyone can change throughout a single day; nothing is static, so you must learn to go with the flow and (3) many times feelings are based on your conditioned self .. that part of you that in these times of change is surfacing for healing and an overhaul.  Be kind to yourself during these struggles, using them to your advantage by addressing your old DNA-level patterns head on, healing what needs to go, so you can be free!

If you read something or think about something when you are feeling energetically depleted or in a sour mood, consider revisiting the topic when you have shifted into a more positive energetic state. Doing even this one thing can dramatically change your life.


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