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CommonDreams – Argentina Reaches Agreement with Paris Club Preventing IMF Austerity – 31 May 2014

May 30, 2014
2:01 PM
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Argentina Reaches Agreement with Paris Club Preventing IMF Austerity

WASHINGTON – May 30 – Argentina reached agreement with the Paris Club, a 19-member block representing some of the world’s wealthiest countries, to repay nearly $10 billion in debts. The agreement ended a dispute that dates back to Argentina’s 2001 default and ensures that there will be no International Monetary Fund (IMF) promoted austerity programs. Further, Argentina has renewed access to capital markets and strengthened its position within the G20. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – World Bank Warns Of Food Riots As Rising Food Prices Push World Populations Toward Revolt – 31 May 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) A new report issued by the World Bank (1) warns that food prices are skyrocketing globally, with wheat up 18 percent and corn up 12 percent this quarter. Ukraine, one of the largest wheat exporters in the world, has suffered a 73 percent increase in domestic wheat costs. Argentina has seen wheat prices skyrocket 70 percent.

According to the World Bank, these price increases have been caused primarily by three factors: 1) Sharply higher demand for food in China, 2) U.S. drought conditions that hammered wheat production, and 3) unrest in Ukraine due to the near state of war with Russia.
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US To Work Closely With EU To Cut Its Russian Gas Imports – 31 May 2014

RT logoThe US has pledged to help the EU cut down its gas imports from Russia and diversify its energy supply during President Barack Obama’s visit to Europe next week, National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said.

The topics up for discussion during Obama’s visit – which is scheduled to take place June 2-6 – include US natural gas exports and the prospect of increasing US sales to the EU, according to the advisor.

“Over the last several weeks, we have already taken some steps to, through our licensing, increase the export of natural gas to Europe and we see that as part of the European energy picture and European energy diversification,” Rhodes told reporters on Friday.

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World Cup Protests Continue In Brazil, Snarl Rio Traffic – 31 May 2014

RT logoSeveral demonstrations aimed at Brazil’s upcoming World Cup tournament took place in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, snarling traffic towards the city center.

At least two distinct protests gathered in Rio, organized mainly through online social networks, O Globo reported.

As with previous unrest in the country, many of those who showed up to Friday’s events covered their faces with masks and wore dark clothing, holding signs with slogans such as “We want schools, subways, trains, buses, and standard hospitals FIFA.” A large group of teachers was said to have taken part in Friday’s mobilization.

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Kevin Annett: Pope Francis’, Vatican’s, Jesuits’ Media Statements/Acts Respond To Common Law Court – 31 May 2014

Uploaded on 29 May 2014 by Alfred Lambremont Webre
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OpEdNews – Thom Hartmann – Time To Rethink American Exceptionalism? – 31 May 2014


Each country thinks that it’s exceptional, and, truth be told, each country really is exceptional in its own special ways.

But there’s a difference between celebrating your own unique way of life and thinking that you can do whatever you want and force your way of life onto everyone else. And if we as Americans want to move forward both as a people and as members of the international community, we need to understand this fact and start basing our foreign policy around it.

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Supreme Court Justices Linked To BP Lawyers In Multi-Billion Gulf Spill Settlement – 31 May 2014

RT logoOil giant BP has appealed to the US Supreme Court to reinstate a halt on payments worth possibly billions of dollars related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill. Now, some question whether two Supreme Court justices may be too close to the oil company.

At issue are the millions, potentially billions, of dollars worth of compensation that BP had been doling out to businesses impacted by the massive spill caused by a blown out well off the coast of Louisiana.

The spill, which took three months to halt, caused considerable damage to the surrounding ecosystem, the effects of which are still being calculated – not least of which are the ecological consequences of the large amounts of chemical oil dispersants that were released into the surrounding waters, in addition to the crude itself.

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Fracking Moratorium Fails In California Despite Strong Public Support – 31 May 2014

RT logoThe California Senate killed a bill that would enact a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – in the state. The ban’s proponents blame lobbying by the oil industry, which spent nearly $1.5 million in three months fighting the bill.

The proposed legislation, introduced by Democratic state Sens. Holly J. Mitchell and Mark Leno, would have prohibited all well stimulation treatments (which includes fracking) until a scientific study evaluated all health and environmental effects for both onshore and offshore drilling. It would have also forced the state’s Natural Resources Agency to create fracking regulations.

The bill was defeated when four of 24 Democrats joined all 12 Republicans senators in voting “nay,” while three other Democrats abstained, preventing the moratorium from gaining a majority. The loss comes even though two-thirds of voters in the Golden State said they supported the ban, and a majority of voters said they would be “more likely” to vote for a legislator who supported it as well, a recent survey on the issue by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates found.

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Lucas – A Mind Of Its Own And A Feeling Gone Wild – 31 May 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe change is in full swing and is trickling through… A lot of you have the proverbial  blues to sing as a feeling of death is dancing on a fictitious grave to show what your need to get rid off and that really should die. Also the mind goes wild in overtaking the feeling and interpretations of the changes that establish itself within you.  The mind tries to explain, analyse and even establish things that are not felt the same way. Senses are going wild and energies are pointing out change of intentions and facing new realities as well as making your new heart sourced base work for you in finding out what you are wanting out of this new life and what are going to : do, work, explore, be…  Continue reading

New Federal Database Would Contain Details On 227 Million Americans – 31 May 2014

RT logoTwo independent federal agencies are coming under attack after calling for the creation of a nation-wide database that would collect the Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information of as many as 227 million Americans.

That’s what the Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asked for, at least, with an April 16 Federal Register notice of expansion that failed to garner attention of the media until Friday this week. That morning, Richard Pollock at the Washington Examiner wrote that the creation of a new national database as outlined in last month’s memo would contradict previously stated policy and put the personal details pertaining to hundreds of millions of Americans in one shared database.

“FHFA will manage the database and share it with CFPB,” Pollock wrote. “A CFPB internal planning document for 2013-17 describes the bureau as monitoring 95 percent of all mortgage transactions.”

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