‘Cadbury Jihad’ In Malaysia Puts Choc Bars On Pork Test In S. Arabia – 1 June 2014

RT logoUnease has gripped Saudi Arabia as its Food and Drug Authority scrambles to test Cadbury’s chocolates for traces of pork DNA after two of the company’s products in Malaysia were found to violate the Islamic standard.

Pork is strictly prohibited in Islam, and Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of the religion, is a country with the strictest observance of Muslim practices, and deals with any transgressions in a severe fashion. So the scandal in Malaysia where chocolate bars, made by British confectioner Cadbury’s, tested as “not halal” is not a matter to take lightly for Riyadh or the 5,200,000 people living in the country.

The chocolates being tested were gathered at local markets and are currently undergoing close inspection, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority said in a statement published on its website.

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