‘Critical Challenge’: Doctors Can Now 3D-Print Blood Vessels – 1 June 2014

RT logoOrgan replication took a leap at a Boston hospital, as doctors finally nailed the process of artificial vascularization with the use of advances in 3D bio printing together with biomaterials in order to create the first synthetic blood vessels.

Although huge strides have already been made in replicating all sorts of human tissue and organs, making delicate conduits from scratch was still some way off from reality. Now, by approaching the problem in a complex way involving several layers, vessels were engineered in a fashion conducive to the health of the blood vessel cells, which makes for more long-lasting vessels.

There is no other way to approach something that lines our entire bodies, performing the crucial function of delivering nutrients and siphoning off bad materials and waste in order to keep our organs alive. Blood vessels are incredibly fragile things – their constitution is infinitely more delicate than anything science has tried to synthetically bio-print before, because this particular brand of printing organs involves considerations on a cellular level. The study was published in the journal Lab on a Chip recently.

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