FBI On Nationwide Manhunt For ‘Armed And Dangerous’ Political Consultant – 2 June 2014

RT logoAuthorities in the United States are conducting a coast-to-coast manhunt for a San Francisco, California man suspected of getting his hands on a cache of explosives and believed to be armed and dangerous.

Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman Peter Lee told reporters over the weekend that an ongoing investigation brought them to the apartment of Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II on Saturday, where officials executed a search warrant but were unable to locate the suspect: a 42-year-old former consultant with an active social media presence and described by one acquaintance as “a nice guy.”

A crew of two dozen FBI agents, hazardous material personnel, police officers and firefighters were on the scene when the raid was carried out, the San Francisco Gate reported, and authorities closed down much of area while they scoured Chamberlain’s apartment at 1831 Pole Street for evidence.

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