Ron Van Dyke – Contributing Solutions To Fix The Wold’s Problems – 2 June 2014

Uploaded on 31 May 2014 by paradoxman316 Following my video – Heal Inwardly, Think Globally, Act Locally – I received comments showing that some people were offended. I even made an apology, “In no way did I intend to minimize or invalidate the very important work being done all over the world by people acting at the local level to produce positive changes that impact all of us. To those who got that impression, I am truly sorry. There are so many people everywhere taking action to create sustainable methods and projects to uplift humanity. All of these are appreciated and applauded. To refer to these as band-aid effects was a very poor choice of words on may part. Please forgive me.” Indeed, there are people all of the world actively engaged and working hard to make a real difference in our world, addressing the myriad of problems we face in a world that to many of us seems insane. Indeed, our so-called leaders are at the forefront of the insanity, which also exists, to some degree, within all of us. This is what we need to heal.


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