Sophia Love – Oneness: The Force Of Creation – 2 June 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

In Dan Millman’s “The Laws of Spirit” is found this wonderful explanation of Oneness:

“The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ house is of course separate from the house…The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ body – is that ‘you’ also separate from the body? …Language reflects our fundamental view of reality…The ‘you’ who speaks through the body, who refers to ‘my’ house, ‘my’ body, ‘my’ soul, ‘my’ higher self, is, in the truest sense, pure Awareness itself.”

This life force coursing through everything is, in every sense, creation itself.  It never stops.  Never. It is constant.  As are you.

The process of creation incorporates you into the surrounding field. It is interesting in 3D how you are drawn to areas in which you find the ground most fertile.  These areas are specific to you and you alone.

What determines the correct balance of conditions (for creating the life you want) will depend on your level of awareness, degree of control and current plan.  Sometimes, just for excitement, you enjoy surprising yourself.  Other times your creative endeavors follow a specific path – you set a goal and expect results.  The specificity of your plan has everything to do with the way it is achieved.

You are choosing, intending, desiring and thinking 24/7.  In order for a new plan or blueprint to insert itself into your psyche you need first a knowing of who it is you are in the present moment.  What has to happen next is a new definition of you.  All of the attributes you desire will have to be absorbed into your conscious picture of you, (creating “fertile ground “) – as well, and more importantly, into your sub-conscious picture of yourself.

Think of only your desired outcome.  Here, as Garret John says in his latest video –“patiently refuse(s) to observe any … casualties”.  Think only of that which you desire.  Look with new eyes.  See that which you are.

What is seen as you and believed as you will always be – first, how you see yourself.  As the field becomes permanent, things are not altered so much as created anew.

You will thus become so hyper aware of who it is you intend to be, that he or she will radiate into your every moment and conversation – all you know are the attributes he or she holds – nothing else is real.

He or she is real – not in some future moment, but now, as you. Throw yourself into him or her with your entire heart – this is different than desire.  This is a knowing.  This is the method of a conscious creator.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.
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