Lucas – The Magic Rulers Can Not Reset The Reality For Us – Only Keeping Us In The Illusionary Veil Is Left To Try For Them – 3 June 2014 we set aside a lot of our conditioned and educated or learned beliefs, structures and patterns, dogmas, and really can see,  it becomes clear how desperate the ones are that want all of you still enslaved and kept in an illusion.

The slow-moving forward motion of more and more of the humans in whatever level of awakening makes clear we are on the path of our mastership our graduation towards manifesting the new as we want it (NEW) and growing into completion of all.

The energetics and counter forces still brought about by those opposing your new free being creator masters is also brought about by your own choices and speed to elevate yourself into a higher awareness step by step.

There is no master over…. there is only personal mastership that everybody will reach when gone through their own personal process. The world is rocking around you and that rocking cause is found in you also.

The balancing act that things are going through of mastering the level of being aware of your duality and acknowledging and bringing it back into full awareness and balance is what your feeling and sensing.

The opposing forces in you and on the outside will do their best to keep an illusion of separation within you going. The deep-rooted anger, fears and basics that cry out into your heart and mind need to be rained.

It is not about getting rid off nor just ignoring, it is about facing it, accepting, feeling, sensing and balance it at its right place within. The master of illusion, magicians of the dark are wanting to keep all they have accomplished.

The illusion though is not to be kept and we have to move on into manifesting our new worlds of our own in creation by us being the real creators. The reality of our opening up to our Christ Consciousness and in line our creations in its full experienced in interconnection with all will make our opening towards mastership of all.

We only will make the jump in our conscious light bodies Mastership in our physical body into vibrational resonance all together. It is therefore necessary that the ones holding us back as counterforce are also seeing the balance within and are letting go of being magicians and creating illusion.

The source we all came from and the role we play now is not important as it all needs to come back into its place to become whole again. It is a universal multidimensional principle.

We are able to overcome the forces that push and will also be pushed back. We will learn to be the integrating all that is now shown in separation. Weighing all on the balances and making it find its equilibrium is what is.

Some of us thought to sell us the illusion to be able to manifest all yet.  It is not yet at our disposal in that way in the full.  We will be able when we complete our process to be that manifesting creator having all the knowledge to do so.

The illusion is still in every way kept going if you’re not aware. TV, mainstream media, toxins, food additives, electro-magnetic interference, etc, so many more things that are focussed upon keeping you asleep or getting you back into the illusion.

When your sensing your truth with your heart you will overcome the illusion and better handle it to become free and growing into a new reality. Working on that heart-source and mind in service to the heart connection is important.

Give yourself the room to sense and feel and go through what is needed to.  It is ok. You need no ones permission nor will you need a teacher or guru. It is your inner own lessons that will start with going inside feeling and sensing what really  is.

A reset of all by just a few is not going to happen as it is not a possibility allowed in reality only in illusion.  Those rulings illusionist or magicians know this. So they will need you controlled also to make that reset with your consent happening.

You will not consent to living a lie and being enslaved. That is not in your being to be. That is what they fear as it is also what they fear to go back to. Back to their origins of also having a good side and balancing that.

The force within everybody is drawing all out that is needed to balance. It will one way or they other. You can oppose, prolong or think to be able by magic to wave it away, it will not be.

Roles played will be obsolete as there are no more. In the end you all will be individual masters ready to go the last mile together in shaping all from the heart. You know what Oneness really is and live it.

Love and Light,


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