Ukraine, Russia Agree To Hold Off On Gas Dispute Lawsuits – 3 June 2014

RT logoIn another round of tripartite talks between Moscow, Kiev, and the EU over gas supplies via Ukraine, the sides have finally come to some agreements – namely not to seek a gas price dispute settlement in the Stockholm-based arbitration court just yet.

“Both sides agreed that neither one nor the other will go to a Stockholm court,” Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller told Ria Novosti, adding that the parties plan to resolve the gas price dispute before the next round of talks will begin sometime before June 9. “If the parties settle all the issues in the negotiations, it may not be necessary to go to the Stockholm court. “

As a result of Kiev’s substantial gas debt to Russia, gas prices for Ukraine surged from US$268.50 to $485.50 per 1,000 cubic meters in April, when Russia annulled two earlier agreed discounts. Kiev keeps rejecting the full price, saying it is ready to repay its debt if Moscow fixes its price at the lowest rate.

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