Sophia Love – All Together Now – “I AM” – 3 June 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

How much your days complete themselves to your satisfaction and pleasure has

everything to do with your intent upon rising.  Do not assume that a morning
spent in a state of sorrow or less than pleasant spirits will turn around on its
own to be joyful.  Mindfulness is key to consciousness.
We have heard this before.  Tich Nhat Hanh writes about the joy found in every
moment in “The Miracle of Mindfulness”.  It is a state of mind yielding much
pleasure.  To attain it on a moment to moment basis demands vigilance.
This may sound like a lot to do when in fact, with awareness – it is a natural
 and constant effort.

What life has presented us in every instance is far more interesting than any
self absorption.  We are, each of us, only too anxious to explain and discuss
the nuances of our lives to each other.  This is polite conversation, discourse.
This is how we share and know each other.
The saints and revered ones among us are known for not much more
than turning this around.  In their company, conversation turns to you and the
present moment and whatever help can be offered – rather than hearing
about them. A simple alteration of focus and that shift becomes the
basis for palpable compassion.  This change of direction is one available
to each of us.  Trust is key.
Those who seem tireless in their dedication to service share a basic belief;
 that the world will supply their needs – always.  They do not need to tell you
about them, or describe their current state, as all is in a process of transition
and adjustment, and all is well.
The state of mind available through this idea is one of consistent peace.
Not because their life is perfect, but because it is seen as so.  You have
no doubt heard the term “acceptance” as key, perhaps wondering how that
is possible when conditions, circumstances and relationships are in upheaval.
Acceptance does not mean passivity or lack of effort.  Acceptance in this
context means seeing things as they are in each moment.
It is action in that moment that will yield desired outcomes.  Neither complaints
 nor promises can do that – for they deal with fiction and are not effective.
Complaints affect nothing, they concern the past, a place only as real as your
thoughts about it. Promises too, concern a time that is not yet “real”.
You’ve heard that “your point of power is in the present”.  This does not refer to
2014, June or even today.  This refers to each single moment.  It is there where
 you choose, act, create and live your life.
Consciousness is not demanding, mystical or challenging.  It is fun.  Being
present means you get to enjoy each moment for the richness and wonder it offers.
 It is there you’ll discover the life in each other and be replenished.  We are never
 alone.  You are surrounded with possibilities in each instant.
You’ve no doubt heard the line from the film – “You complete me”.  In a sense, it is
more than that; “You ARE me” would be closer to truth.  We cannot hope to live
in a state of Oneness by ourselves.  We find in each other the complete story,
our story – yours and mine.
Trust.  The world exists because you believe it does.  These words?
You are talking to yourself, perhaps nudging yourself a bit closer to your
desired outcome.  It’s all about you, you know.  The fact of our individuality
is evidenced in this conflicting, contrasting sea of humanity.  The expression
of our singularity is “I AM”.
Who is this “I”?  It is you.  It is me.  It is all of creation.  One force, moving
through us, expressed brilliantly in each moment.  Don’t miss it worrying about
what just happened or what may.  Just be love.  The power of creation rests
there.  Trust. Focus. Be.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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