Sandra Walter – Healing Conversation With Lauren Galey And Sandra Walter – 4 June 2014

SandraWalterI had the pleasure of connecting with Lauren Galey on the Healing Conversations show, and the broadcast is set for Wednesday, June 4  at 3pm Pacific/ 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern.

Highlights of the topics we shared include the June energetic Shift, Mount Shasta’s crystalline cities, and a powerful tool of forgiveness. It was truly a healing conversation, and I AM joyful to connect with Lauren to have these high-vibe interactions. By expanding our level of conversation, we raise the level of the collective!

Lauren is offering a discount on the Ascension Course for a limited time. If you register through her site, you may receive the Course for $222 – that’s $111 off the regular price of the Course.

To register and listen to our conversation, or to take advantage of the Course discount, register for Healing Conversations at:

You will receive an email with the show link and more details on Wednesday! link to original article

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