Ready To Radicalize: Thousands Of Brazilians Protest Govt Spending On World Cup – 5 June 2014

RT logoJust a week before the World Cup, around 12,000 protesters marched on Sao Paulo’s football stadium demanding low-income housing. At the same time the city’s Metro workers declared an indefinite strike, bringing Brazil’s largest city to a grinding halt.

Thousands of members of the Homeless Workers Movement marched on Sao Paulo’s Corinthians stadium on Wednesday evening. The protest was peaceful, but the organizers have promised to radicalize their actions if the government does not take heed of their demands.

The movement takes issue with the billions of dollars the Brazilian government has shelled out to prepare the country for the World Cup. They believe the funds could have been better spent on building low-income housing to provide thousands of homeless Brazilians with a place to live.

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