Laura Bruno – Finding Your Light – 6 June 2014


Profound. Also my response to anyone emailing me that they are afraid from my 6/14/14 post … which, as I mentioned, is not any kind of firm prediction of doom and gloom or sudden liberation, just the sharing of a dream and some general observations. 🙂 We are in frequency specific times. Find your Light!

Originally posted on Ethereal Nature:

Yesterday I found my Light!  Actually, I found the flashlight on my iPhone.  I stumbled upon it quite by accident, and was quite delighted by the discovery.  It strikes me that this can serve as a rather playful metaphor for finding one’s inner light.

I’ve had the phone for months and was perhaps informed that it had a flashlight, but I never thought about it and never looked for it.  Had I known how to access it, it would have come in handy on many dark occasions.   Finding the hidden screen that enables me to access it came as a minor revelation.  I was elated to turn it on.

I’ve had my inner light my entire life, and have been informed in various ways that I possessed such a light, but there have been times and phases in my life that I didn’t think about it or neglected to look…

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