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ActivistPost – Mac Slavo – Shock Medical Notice: We Need To Have A “Short 5 Minute PRIVATE Conversation With Your Child” – 6 June 2014

Logo_activistpost-comDo the government and its ancillaries have ownership over your child?

Do they have the power to detain and question a child without parental permission?

Apparently they think they do according to a new Michigan medical records access law which reportedly requires doctors to have a private conversation with minors when their parents bring them in for medical care.

This is the notice Christy Duffy saw posted at her physician’s office when she brought her 17-year-old daughter in for a minor foot injury.

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Russia To Extend Trans-Eurasian Rail Project To Korea – 6 June 2014

RT logoRussia will team up with North and South Korea in a railroad construction project that could restore peace between the two neighbors. The link will extend the world’s longest railroad, so goods can be shipped between Europe and Korea 3x faster.

Russia’s Minister for Far East Development Aleksander Galushka announced the plan to extend the Trans-Siberian Railroad at a meeting in Vladivostok on Thursday.

The expansion would provide a link between the Korean peninsula and Europe’s $17 trillion economy, making Russia a major transit route between Europe and Asia. Shipping by rail is nearly 3 times faster than via the Suez Canal, Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Bakunin has said.
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Us Or Them: German Peace Researchers Give EU-Ukraine Policy Failing Grade – 6 June 2014

RT logoGerman Peace researchers have criticized EU foreign policy for putting Ukraine in “an unacceptable either/or” situation, which has both contributed to causing the ongoing crisis in the country and done little to alleviate it.

The assessment was made by five leading research institutes in their ‘Friedensgutachten 2014’ (Peace Report 2014), presented jointly in Berlin on Tuesday, Deutsche Welle reports.

“The European Union policy of essentially presenting Ukraine with an either/or choice in the form of the association agreement was a momentous mistake,” said Ines-Jacqueline Werkner of the Protestant Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Heidelberg (FEST).

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Why Syria’s People Want Assad – 6 June 2014

RT logoAuthor:: Nile Bowie is a political analyst and photographer currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He can be reached on Twitter or at nilebowie@gmail.com

Since the start of the armed conflict in Syria in 2011, voices from Western and Gulf capitals have maintained a common narrative: that the Assad regime lacks popular legitimacy and stays in power by systematically killing its own people.

The sweeping election victory of Bashar Assad not only shows the depth and breadth of popular support for his government, but also it demands an objective interpretation of events inside Syria.

In the midst of a civil war that has seen rebel militia groups and foreign Islamist fighters occupy areas of territory around the country, polling for the recent elections was held only in government-controlled areas. Assad ran against two challengers and won with 88.7 percent, garnering 10,319,723 votes. According to Syria’s supreme constitutional court, 73.42 percent of some 15.8 million eligible voters took part in the elections.
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PositiveNews – Brazil’s Internet Freedom Law Is A Model Of Democracy For The Modern Era – 6 June 2014

Positive News

Brazil’s groundbreaking Marco Civil da Internet law recognises that growth and prosperity are dependent on a technologically advanced society – how long until other countries realise the same?

(Lucas: Of course is the question if all of it is just that good…but hey it is what you make of it… in my view a total free access and internet without all the regulated nonsense: you may not this and that stuff and  that is not based on simple natural law principles is not free. It is still censored by those in power or those majorities that can keep others from a total free internet for what ever resason, belief, dogma, religion or certain truth.Freedom also is having equal access and free information and sharing as long as it not harms people. It is also getting out of the mindset of yours and mine and patents, copyrights, etc. open source in all should be standard.)

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ITAR-TASS – China Hopes Putin’s Meetings In France Will Facilitate De-Escalation In Ukraine – 6 June 2014


BEIJING, June 06. /ITAR-TASS/. China hopes that the meetings between western leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Normandy, France, within the D-Day celebrations will help ease tension around Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman has said.

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PressForTruth – The Moncton Shooter – Cui Bono? – 6 Jun 2014

https://i1.wp.com/www.pressfortruth.ca/wp-content/themes/PressForTruthCA/images/logo.pngThe question we must always ask is who benefits? What will the ramifications be of this horrific tragedy and how can we ensure that the phoenix which rises from the ashes will not result in more tyrannical control?

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WashingtonExaminer – Examiner Editorial: Obama Covers His Bergdahl Mistakes By Blaming His Critics – 6 June 2014

Washington Examiner

President Obama must have expected universal rejoicing over his decision to trade five of the most senior and dangerous Taliban officials held for years at Guantanamo for the freedom of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the only American military captive held by the enemy in Afghanistan. When it didn’t happen that way, Obama and his allies responded as they always do to criticism of their policy choices – by marginalizing and questioning the motives of critics.

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WashingtonExaminer – Lawmakers Announce Bipartisan Deal To Reform Veterans’ Medical Care – 6 June 2014

Washington Examiner

By Susan Ferrechio

Senate lawmakers announced a bipartisan agreement on reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs, but the bill could face opposition from Republican lawmakers who want to amend it.

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ITAR-TASS – Putin, Cameron Discussed Ways To Settle Ukrainian Crisis – 6 June 2014


By Aleksey Nikolskiy

Journalists noted that there had been no traditional shake of hands at the beginning of the meeting

Quote: PARIS, June 06 /ITAR-TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister David Cameron, who met at the VIP lounge of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport on Thursday, discussed ways of settling the situation in Ukraine and invigorating the Russian-British dialogue, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said after the talks.