Sophia Love – June 5th Update – 6 June 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Today there are answers to the following two questions:
Hi Sophia
I have been following the conversations with GE with great interest.
Maybe you could have him read the following info:
Esp. focus on interview # 5.
I would be very curious to hear his comments in more detail.


Hi Sophia,
I have a question that I need help with, do you or anyone you know could tell me what kind of humanoid
race is the Alcohbata? Is it reptilian, or amphibian. I saw a
photo of one and from that day I can’t stop thinking about it, I feel I have a connection to it and wish I could find a way to contact it. The Alcohbata comes from Perseus Constellation. Also I’m A B negative blood type and wonder where this rare blood type comes from. Thank you in advance for your help.
Good Day Sophia!

I answered on question about interview #5. It is about Annunaki’s point of view, the modifiers of Humanity and harvesters of “gold” which is actually Humanity themselves and Grand Portal is the reaching of that well hidden Particle of Light. We can say this portal is open.
I will not say it is true or false, it up for You to decide. The most important is how You see things. I can add only, that Truth is everywhere, in most places it is mixed with “personal information”, something important to a Person that channeling or explains things, same is with my messages, there is some footprint of me in everything I write here. We are All Equal, yet very unique, this is a special feature given to all living and non living Beings in our Universe. So sometimes there is a “false information”, which actually is something personal from our Soul, illuminati used Our uniqueness to make an illusion and swap lies with Truth, evil with Good. Their system holds Truth as lie and lie as “truth”, Good as evil and evil as “good”.

Second question about a race Alcohbata, oh yes, we know this race, just above the Pleiadeans, from Silver Gates of the Sky. We know civilizations from their place of origin, names are not telling us much, except for the meaning. They are different than reptilians You know of, reptilians don’t like liquids like water, they are very deceptive and can move between dimensions, they use to live where water is as thin as air. This Alcohbata civilization dwells on surface and in water. They are very good oriented, don’t like galactic politics, prefer neutrality. We don’t know much of a deeper insight information about Them and many other different civilizations, yet we know only basic information. We know more about civilizations that works for this World’s restoration.

And question about numbers, as You can see and feel, numbers’ “coincidences” are happening more frequently, this signifies, that’s this World is close to a completion of experiment.

Yet what we see on ethereal level, is that many Lightworkers are struggling, many are tired, this World takes a toll, evil thoughts are demoralizing Many, tiredness of Soul extending. Sufferings are continue, yet People by most part now are understanding the huge corruption within western governments, not simple corruption of greed, but dangerous, evil corruption which is a threat to this whole World and Humanity.

Don’t be let down, know that if Sun shines and gives Light, You have the Power of Universe with You, Universe is with You and You are with the Universe, One is Universe and You are One thus Universe. Always remember where it all started, always remember where You started Your Life and how You started it. Foundation of Past will create a Foundation for Future. Remember Your Childhood, remember what personality You were having when You were seeing the World as a Child, words of old saying “children are always welcome to Heaven” are true, as only children are pure, uncorrupted and have much more flexible mind and imagination with which future may be guided further to most highest of possibilities. You have learn (again) a lot, now You can guide Your Inner Child with much more Wisdom and Knowledge, now You can make things You only dreamed when You were Children.

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With Peace, Calm and Prosperity! link to original article


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