Lucas – A Light Shines In All – 7 June 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe light  within can never be extinguished, it only can be dampened and shaded.  It only can be gone in an illusion of blindness.

Your light shines always and even brighter it shines when you open your eyes. Feel with your senses the energetic flow that the light is showing you.

Nothing is without an essence of light and therefore it is important to see that even darkness is hiding its light within.

The deepest essence of life and its multidimensional energy expression is for some in this world forgotten. The amnesia created an illusion of only dark.

You will see light shining in all when you are opening up and feel the essence within flow again.

It is made up from all sorts of light that expresses itself from darker to super bright and in all sorts of different colors.

The light within is not merely a construct of belief or just an insignificant word as it is you! You are the light.

Shine your light and see it illuminate all in its glory of all that is.

Love and Light,


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