Suzanne Lie – Creating Your Own Reality #3 YouTube And Transcript – 8 June 2014

Creating Your Own Reality #3


Dr. Suzanne Lie & Mary Perricone

June 4, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to our continuing conversations with Dr. Suzanne Lie. I’m Mary Perricone and we are always excited to be back with you. In these conversations on Creating Your Own Reality we have explored numerous areas. Today we’d like to unwrap something that the Arcturians said in our last Conversation.

“The Universe is that to which you are a personal Portal. Each and every one of you is an expression of the Universe. You are not just one expression, you are a magnificent multi-dimensional being that travels the Universe through your consciousness, through your knowingness that you are one with all life.”

So in that context Dr. Sue let’s continue to un-wrap the multi-dimensional aspect that we encompass in creating our own reality. Welcome Sue.

Suzanne Lie: Thank you, thank you – unwrapping how we create our multi-dimensional reality – absolutely that is really up for deep examination right now as things are rockin and rollin – isn’t it?

Let’ start with a message from the Arcturians. I know that I created a very hectic morning today and so what I usually do when my ego self creates something that I’m not enjoying living is that I find a way and a time to just sit down and re-boot.

Just like when Mary and I were moving around the house to find a place where I would have privacy, I had to keep rebooting the Skype because we kept losing the signal. So I’m going to re-boot my consciousness in a public manner and give you all a means in which you can re-boot your consciousness as you might need it yourselves – depending upon when you’re listening.

I would like to share for a minute about re-booting and connecting with our higher expressions. I find that breath is very important for I have to breathe out that “me” that is limited to my third-dimensional experience so that I can breathe in my multi-dimensional expressions.


Breath exercise to re-boot

So if all of you would like to join in – we are going to take three long slow breaths and breathe out all the frustrations and chaos of the third-dimensional world.

I will count each breath – one … and just feel that release … two … as you release that next layer, take a deep breath so you can take a long exhale to go deep, deep and release those inner levels and layers of third-dimensional illusion …….

Now breathe in your higher expression and as you breathe out – this time instead of releasing, integrate the breath. Breathe in the higher expression again and integrate it on the exhale. And the third time, breathe in the higher expression and exhale to integrate.



Greetings Dear Ones – we are the Arcturians and come to speak to you and Mary this morning. Mary, did you have something that you would like to say?

MP:     Yes, one of the things that I’ve been contemplating as we were preparing for today’s get-together and conversation is that often, in our creation, we don’t always realize that we are creating our own reality and also how important it is in the process of creating to let go of the outcome. Another way of saying that is: to not be attached to the outcome.

What comes into play is that in the creation process, when we put out our intent or desire and our need, we realize how difficult it is to not try to control the outcome, but rather let it go into the flow and not be attached to it.


Yes, that is called living in surrender. When you live in surrender, you know that you are on your Divine path and you also know when you have fallen into the illusions of time – when you have fallen into the stressors and the anxiety of life in an ever increasingly changing third-dimensional world.

When you discover that this has occurred, you instantly love yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself unconditionally and accept that you are in the process of living the chaos before great change.   Great change is always preceded with Chaos.

As you feel that chaos you can surrender into the chaos. Remember the way that you move through the third dimension is that you interact and manipulate your reality. On the other hand, the way that you live in a fifth-dimensional manner is that you surrender into your reality.

So we guide all of our listeners now to remember something that has caused chaos. Take a long slow deep breath as you surrender into the chaos.

As you surrender into the chaos you can simply let go. This is an important pre-cursor to creating your own reality – for your own reality is created with a combination of your thoughts. Remember your thoughts are always emanating from your beautiful multi-dimensional consciousness and you are always preceded by your thoughts.

Whether you are aware of it or others are aware of it – your thoughts are tangible and can be experienced unconsciously by most, consciously by some and super-consciously by everyone.

So your thoughts are already creating your reality weather you know it or not.

Take a long breath to allow your thoughts to come into alignment with your galactic, celestial, spiritual self.

As you breathe in to this expansion of your consciousness so that you will move beyond the limitations of that third-dimensional holographic projection.

MP: We know the word and the concept of filtering in our lives, in our creations and in our responses to every type of communication and interaction. Let’s touch upon that for a moment because the Arcturians mentioned that in the third-dimension we interact and we manipulate our reality.

Sometimes we do this without being aware of the way in which we are filtering or interpreting who we are in the third-dimension. We filter through our gender, through our generation, our ethnicity. We filter through our life experiences and through bias and prejudice. Just being aware of this is so helpful in understanding our own reactions to our experiences.

We also filter on other levels and dimensions. We filter through our archetype and through our preferences – our communication preferences. We filter through our astrology. We communicate differently if we are a Pisces or a Taurus or a Cancer or a Capricorn. We have to make allowances and have compassion and understanding for those differences which are really our strengths and that beautiful diversity of humanity. So these are some of the ways that we manipulate our reality.

The Arcturians are saying to surrender into the reality. We have acceptance of ourselves through observing the situation and the behavior and unconditionally loving ourselves through the process. Unconditional love through the process of everyone we are working with and communicating with is part of the surrender into that fifth-dimensional Unity Consciousness.

So just be aware and begin to understand. As the Arcturians have said – we are communicating on multiple dimensions. We are communicating and creating our reality multi-dimensionally and our perception begins to shift from the third into the fourth and into the fifth-dimension when we realize and accept this.


And we the Arcturians would like to speak about that second component creation which is your emotions. Many times humanity is not aware of the great power that is held within their emotions. Now the combination of thoughts and emotions are what set your state of consciousness and it is very important to be aware that when you wish to intentionally create a component within your reality that you expand yourself into the highest possible state of consciousness – because the creation will be at the frequency of your consciousness at the moment that you created it.

So if you create something because you are angry or scared and in a low state of consciousness you will not likely enjoy that creation.

So we guide all of you now to feel how your thoughts are clear and pure – and surrender into the now of the one and fill those thoughts with unconditional love. Unconditional love is the highest frequency of Light. We know that everyone who in some way or manner is able to get this information – we know that every one of you is on the path of Ascension. And, you want to create higher and higher experiences within your reality.

As you allow your thoughts to be unity based – in other words, when you think – I want – think we want. We perhaps begin with all of the elements within yourself and expanding to your family and to your area and to your nation and into the entire planet. So you begin with Unity Consciousness and expand into a collective consciousness and then expand into a planetary consciousness.

As you take your thought of that which you wish to create in your reality – you enliven it. You bring it into life with the power of your emotion/consciousness.

Now think a moment of one thought that we all want to create. We want to create our life on fifth-dimensional New Earth. So let’s all hold that thought form of life on fifth-dimensional Earth and fill that thought form with unconditional love.

MP:     Earlier we were talking about surrendering and not being attached to the outcome. But know that whatever the outcome is – it is for the highest good.   Awhile back I was working on a project with a partner and we were expecting to do work on a contract. We were very interested in the type of work, we felt that we could do a wonderful job; we were enthusiastic and felt that it was work that was worth doing.

But, we did not get that contact. Another group was awarded the work. When we came together to discuss the issue, my partner said that she felt that we had been too attached to the outcome that would have resulted in receiving the work. We should have released it out into the universe for the highest good because we knew that the group that received the work was going to do a beautiful job. So we came together and focused and gave thanks for this other group. We knew that they would do a splendid job for everyone concerned.

It was a lesson in surrendering and being in the flow and participating in that Unity Consciousness and then at the end releasing it and wishing everyone well. So we went through the gamut of emotions – excitement, enthusiasm and then disappointment and then coming to the realization that it really was a celebration because what was important was the eventual outcome – perhaps not the outcome that we had originally envisioned.

SL:      I would like to add a little more about my life and I am in the midst of a major flux and change. I have been prepared for this by having different things occur in my life that I really did not choose to create and I had to let go. I had to let go and every time I let go I found that it came back in a different and better manner.

It’s important that we realize that failure is an illusion of our third-dimensional world. In fact in the channel that I did for my blog the other day the Arcturians said that failure only means that you are ready to move into new territory. Whenever we move into new territory, we must be willing to fail because we learn so much from those failures. And, failure is just that we have gathered up enough courage to go into virgin territory where we are no longer an expert, we are now a beginner.

I know that I’m 67 years old and I’m willing to be a beginner. I remember an important book that I read by H.R. Suzuki and he said: It was all about beginner’s mind – to always live in beginners mind. Now beginners mind means that we can move in to the unknown. And, is that not our journey into fifth-dimensional New Earth? We are moving into the unknown and the state of our emotion and the choices of our thoughts is the way that we are creating our pathway.

MP:     A beginner’s mind – yes. I don’t know what I don’t know but I’m willing to know and for it to reveal itself to me. Throughout my life I have had the experience of one door closing and another door opening and I’ve come to discover that I have to allow the other door to open. If I’m going to go through a breathing process of any type with what I would perceive as a loss – if I can see it as another opportunity and approach this change with the beginners mind it definitely flows more smoothly.

When I would arrive at the other side of the experience, having gone through the disappointment and the angst and the anger and even the blaming – on the other side of it was something that I would never have envisioned. So approaching it with a beginner’s mind of acknowledging that I don’t know what I don’t know opens ourselves to receive the next gift – that we in fact give to ourselves.

I used to think that something wonderful dropped into my lap, but I’ve come to realize that I was open to receive this gift that I was ready to receive because I was giving it to myself.

SL:      Very good point. I would like to take a moment and guide you all in a brief meditation about the doors opening and closing.

So I’d like all of you who are reading or hearing this to take breath and look through your lives and see what is ready to leave you and what you are ready to release. You may not have control over what is ready to leave you and you do have control over what you are ready to release but in either case it is a door closing.

Look into your life and — What is that door that is closing?

Take a long slow deep breath and allow your higher guidance to assist you in finding that which is no longer of use in your life and that which you are ready to release and/or resisting the releasing of.

As you allow your higher guidance to come in, see that door closing and send it Love. Just as if a person that you dearly loved and enjoyed visiting was leaving your home – you would give them a big hug and you would take them to the door and you would walk outside and perhaps stand on the porch and wave goodbye. Then you would come back into the house and close that door.

Now, erase, erase that image. Now we are going into a door that you are ready to open. Maybe you don’t think you’re ready. Maybe you’re afraid you’re not ready. Maybe you can’t imagine what you might be ready for. So once again, call in your higher guidance. Your higher guidance is always there to inform you that which your ego is having difficulty discerning.

So listening to your higher guidance – what is it that you are ready to allow into your life now?

Feel the love that you have for that which you are allowing to come into your life. Imagine now that you are walking over to that door and you are opening that door wide and you are welcoming it into your life. And as it steps across your threshold you gave it a big hug and say – thank you, thank you, thank you.

In fact I will end this exercise with a mantra. I promise you that this mantra works. I have used it for decades.

Mantra:          Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.

With this mantra – you are thankful for what you already have and it puts you in a state of abundance. Within that state of abundance you can believe that more of what you love can enter into your life. Believing that you can create your reality is a vital component to creating your reality.

Mantra:          Thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.

MP:     I think the following Mantra is a beautiful compliment to the one you just gave Sue. It’s a mantra that was given to us by St. Germaine.


Stand in the middle of the room with your hands open and invoke your higher self, the IAM Presence and say out loud:

IAM Worthy

IAM Allowing

IAM Ready

IAM Receiving

With that Sue, I believe that we are out of time for today. Time flies when you’re having fun. This has been a wonderful conversation. Thank you and thank the Arcturians.

Sue Lie:          Thank you – every one of you. I want to remind you that you are worthy. You are creating your reality and you deserve a beautiful life.

Blessings be to all of you and to each and every one. Have a great day and we’ll see you next time. / link to original article


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