Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 8 June 2014

valerieDonnerA Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner June 5, 2014

Greetings, I am Mira. I am devoted to the earth’s ascension and therefore am working full time with the Earth Council. We are the overseers of the earth and life on the earth. It is a big job but we have help from many, many beings. Our Creator is in charge. We love you and love the earth. What happens on the earth affects all of creation. This is why you need our undivided attention.

Some of you may be feeling like your situations are hopeless, like the earth is in such dire straits that she cannot pull out of it. This is far from the truth. There is more Light on the planet than ever before. Much of this Light is attributed to the Light weavers, you, the Light workers, who allow the Light to be transmuted through you.

We realize that you are striving for Heaven on Earth, in order to co-create these energies there is much that has to be transmuted. Even though most of you are prepared you have little idea about how these higher energies will affect your bodies. Your hearts hold the dearest energies of love and Light yet the physical bodies still are being prepared. Please do whatever you can to lighten up and to do the very best that you can for your bodies. Many of you are actually reversing aging and getting younger. The Light can do this when you truly open up to it. Lots of good thoughts, meditation, prayer, healing, rest, good food and lots of water also affect the cells positively. Mindfulness is important.

Many bold new steps are being taken by all of us in whatever our capacity. This includes you! As you pave the way into the new frontier of living in the higher dimensions you must be bold in what you say, think and do. You cannot take the easy way out thinking that you will be rescued from whatever ills are on the earth or within you. We can help you and guide you but we rely on your consciousness for the transformation.

We are multi-dimensional beings; life is truly multi-dimensional. You are living in the time of miracles. As you advance the miracles of creation will increase. Pay attention and be grateful and acknowledge the miracles that come in your lives. These new manifestations are practice for what it is like to live in higher dimensions when all one has to do is think something into being.

We spend a lot of our energy on watching what is percolating within the consiousness of humanity. We see how consciousness is impacted by those who would rather distract you from the path of enlightenment. This way they can continue to control humanity. But the Lightworkers are different. Every choice that you make towards higher consciousness has an exponential impact on the rest of humanity. This is how important your thoughts are as Lightworkers.

We also use our technology to monitor the earth and where help could be necessary. We have the ability to actually look within the earth and see and feel what the earth is feeling. We can also tell when the earth is getting ready to release negative energies far before events occur. We use this information to stabilize energies or prepare for certainties before the release of energies. It is the Creator’s intention and the earth’s intention to protect life as much as possible.

I always enjoy sharing with you. It is my desire to keep you in the loop. I send you my love and greetings from all of us.

I am Mira. / link to original article

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