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Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary: You Are the “Harbingers of Love and Light” – 9 June, 2014

Picture of me 5 (2)Mother Mary:

My dear precious harbingers of Light and Love. There was a time when I appeared before this channel and announced those very qualities in myself. But now I say them as applied to you all. For you have indeed turned another corner; a milestone in your development has been reached and you stand now so engulfed and encased in luminous Light and Love that you stand ready to spread it in an even more monumental way than previously. Continue reading


Sophia Love – All You, All The Time – 9 June 2014


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Your understanding of a sovereign being is not complete. You do not embody sovereignty, but play at it with words. As long as there is fear present as a gut reaction to an illusory form of any kind – animate or inanimate – you are not sovereign. Sovereignty is not a condition only present when you have “won over” some deceptive or criminal act; it is present 24/7.

Mastery of the physical form will propel you to sovereignty. Sovereignty is not merely a declaration of independence. It is being true to only one form, the one that is embodied and focused on NOW. This truth can be understood many ways. Continue reading

POOF Ness – Susan&ZAP – Another Day In Paradise – 9 June 2014

poofPOOFness for JUN 8: “Another Day In Paradise’

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CommonDreams – Concern Grows As Military Weapons Flood Police Departments – 9 June 2014

common-dreamsConcern Grows as Military Weapons Flood Police Departments

New York Times reveals Obama has overseen rapid militarization of local law enforcement

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer

(Photo: Sheriff’s Department of Richland County, South Carolina)

Under the Obama administration, surplus weapons from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—from grenade launchers to machine guns to silencers—have militarized police departments across the United States at unprecedented levels, the New York Times revealed in an investigation published Sunday. Continue reading

CommonDreams – ‘They Would Just Randomly Beat Me’: British Student Tells Of UAE Torture Ordeal – 9 June 2014

June 9, 2014
10:11 AM
CONTACT: Reprieve
Alice Gillham in Reprieve’s press office: alice.gillham@reprieve.org.uk / +44 207 553 8160

‘They Would Just Randomly Beat Me’: British Student Tells of UAE Torture Ordeal

LONDON – June 9 – A British student who was tortured into ‘confessing’ to drugs charges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has spoken out about his ordeal. Continue reading

Nuclear Reactor Shut Down In S. Korea After Rod Malfunction – 9 June 2014

RT logoThe world’s fifth-ranked in nuclear power generation shut down a reactor due to a control rod malfunction. This brings the number of offline reactors in South Korea to five.

“We are looking into the exact cause of the shutdown,” the state-run nuclear utility Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co Ltd (KHNP) said.

The spokesman said it was not known when the 950-megawatt Reactor No.1 at the Hanul Nuclear Power Plant, the Gyeongsangbuk-do province on the country’s eastern coast, would be restarted. The plant’s other five reactors remain operational so far.

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Annexing West Bank ‘Only Sane Plan’ – Israeli Finance Minister – 9 June 2014

RT logoTaking over the West Bank is the “only sane plan”, even if it tears the Israeli government in two, Finance Minister Naftali Bennett has declared. The opposition threatens to topple the cabinet if it extends Israeli sovereignty over any settlements.

“It’s no secret that for dozens of years there has been a chasm [between us] on how to leave the settlements. It hasn’t proven itself,” Bennett said on Army Radio, whose Jewish Home party is strongly opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Bennett said that his proposal Sunday to grab some 60 percent of the West Bank is the “only sane plan.”

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‘Muslim Plot’ In UK: Inspector Report Exposes Culture Of ‘Fear And Intimidation’ At Schools – 9 june 2014

RT logoBritain’s chief school inspector has found a “shocking” culture of fear and intimidation in UK schools after an anonymous plot threatening the “Islamization” of UK schools led to Prime Minister David Cameron announcing random inspections.

“Some of our findings are deeply worrying, and in some ways quite shocking,” said Michael Wilshaw, head of the Ofsted school inspection body in a letter to Education Secretary Michael Gove. “In the most serious cases, a culture of fear and intimidation has taken grip.”

The official report found that, “Birmingham City Council has failed to support a number of schools in their efforts to keep pupils safe from the potential risks of radicalization and extremism.”

(Lucas: Be discerning as this is very tendentious news… it is also very generalizing …)

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‘They Have To React Quickly’: Sweden Will Train Teachers How To Deal With School Shootings – 9 June 2014

RT logoTeachers in Sweden will be trained how to respond to school shootings by learning more about guns and violence at the workplace, said the country’s educational authorities, a move that comes amid deadly fatal attacks that happened in the US and Europe.

“When [the shooting] actually happens, everything turns to chaos and people don’t think normally. But they have to react quickly,” Annika Hjelm, director of the Swedish National Education Agency (Skolverket), told Sveriges Radio, as cited by the Local.

The ministry, which has been working on this issue with national police and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, is planning to introduce the educational manual next week.

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Tanks, Troops, Jets: NATO Countries Launch Full-Scale War Games In Baltic – 9 june 2014

RT logoA major military exercise kicked off in Latvia, with 10 NATO member countries participating. The war games involve 4,700 troops and 800 military vehicles. Russia sees NATO’s military build-up as a sign of aggression.

The Saber Strike ground forces exercise is being conducted for the fourth time this year and coincides with Baltic Host 2014 and Baltops 2014 naval drills.

Troops from the US, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway and the UK are taking part.
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