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Lisa Gawlas – A Backwards Expansion As The Element Of Change Arrives – 9 June 2014

lisagawlas2There is this interesting, lingering, elastic feel to the energy of life, well, at least my life.  It started yesterday in a very odd way.. like someone or something grabbed you by the collar and yanked you (me) backwards.   Not so much backwards in time, more like backwards in space.  Maybe better explained… if you were just standing still and someone grabbed you by the top of your shirt and yanked you out of that position and with a startle you moved out of that space, but not really either and moved into a larger more expanded space. Continue reading

InquiringMinds – Money For Nothing – Spilling The Beans Big Time – 9 June 2014

Inquiring Minds

[some interesting statements from interviewees in video]

Inside the US Federal Reserve

An inside look at the US Federal Reserve the most powerful – and least understood – financial institution on earth.

Click the link to video http://bcove.me/qaemp5w3

Read the rest at : www.inquiringminds.cc/ link to  article

Jon Rappoport – Drug Cartels? Amateurs! Here’s The Real Thing – 9 june 2014

jon7Mexican cartels? Colombian cartels? Afghan poppy lords? Middlemen? Street dealers? Are you kidding? They’re small fry. Check out the pros.

Medical News Today, June 22, 2013, “Most Americans on Prescriptions.” “7 out of every 10 Americans are on prescription drugs, and more than half of the country are on at least two, according to an analysis conducted by Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center researchers.”

That’s 210 million men, women, and children—hooked. Something the Sinaloa Cartel can only dream of. Continue reading

ZeroHedge – The IMF Gets It Wrong (Again) – 9 June 2014

ZeroHedgeHaving previously admitted its an idiot and a liar over Greece forecasts, constantly missed world expectations with a much more rosy picture of hockey-stick-like growth than actually occurs, and now Ukraine’s insanely optimistic assessments; we thought it only fair to point out that, yet again, Christine Lagarde has been forced to say “we got it wrong.” This time the IMF underestimated UK growth – a year after blasting the nation’s planners for “playing with fire” by cutting its budget spending. As Bloomberg reports, pressed on whether she had apologized to Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, Lagarde stopped short of saying so and said “Do I have to go on my knees?”

Read the full story at: www.zerohedge.com / link to original article

TheAustralian – Clive Palmer’s Deal: Back My Project, I Drop The Lawsuit – 9 June 2014

The Australian


CLIVE Palmer offered to drop all litigation and claims against the Queensland government in ­return for favourable treatment for his proposed $8.4 billion coal project in the state’s north as part of a “settlement” the government believes would have amounted to corruption if accepted.

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‘Water Issue Held Hostage To The Detriment Of The Israelis And Palestinians’ – 9 June 2014

A Palestinian boy drinks water next to a cart loaded with containers filled with water from public taps in the northern Gaza Strip (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

A Palestinian boy drinks water next to a cart loaded with containers filled with water from public taps in the northern Gaza Strip (Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

RT: You’re saying there must be a new agreement to replace the Oslo Accords between Israeli and the Palestinians when it comes to water. Why is the old system not working, in your view?

Gideon Bromberg: The situation on the ground speaks for itself. The Oslo Accords were signed 20 years ago as an interim agreement that was supposed to be replaced after five years. Perhaps like no other issue of the final status, water simply cannot wait. The population has increased, in fact the Palestinian population has almost doubled in these last 20 years. Palestinians are not getting enough water to meet their basic needs and the treatment of sewage has not progressed. So we are seeing a lot more pollution of shared Israeli-Palestinian water. It is really a lose- lose situation at the moment, where both sides are failing to meet their urgent needs – water and pollution prevention – by sticking to the agreement that was supposed to be replaced [years ago].

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Fukushima Creates Its Own Pharrell Williams HAPPY Video And It’s Really Inspiring – 9 June 2014

Still from YouTube video/Hitomi Kumasaka

Still from YouTube video/Hitomi Kumasaka

“Fukushima is also happy!!” Hitomi Kumasaka, the founder and CEO of Fukushima-based Social Media Labs, which is behind the funky remake, wrote on her YouTube page. Continue reading

Brazil Countdown: Get Me To The World Cup On Time! – 9 June 2014

RT logoIt’s high fever time in Sao Paulo. The Dutch are chilling in Ipanema, right in front of the beach. The Italians are in their own Riviera 100 kilometers from Rio.

The Germans are in a sprawling beach bunker along the coast were Brazil was “discovered” in 1500. The English team is visiting a favela this Monday. The whole country is slowly being draped in green and yellow. One hell of a party is about to begin.

And yet, all across the planet, the nagging question remains; will Brazilians set this World Cup – literally – on fire? Is this show worth over $11 billion? Well, that’s actually a non-issue, picked up by those who don’t know how football – it’s not “soccer”, it’s “football”, as the English invented it – is embedded in the Brazilian psyche.

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The Hyper Report – 140609 – Miltary Problem – 9 June 2014

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TheAustralian – Militants Killed After Deadly Pakistan Airport Siege: Military – 9 June 2014

The Australian

TWENTY-eight people were killed as Pakistan’s military fought an all-night battle with Taliban gunmen who besieged Karachi airport armed with rocket launchers and suicide vests, leaving a nascent peace process in tatters.

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