Sophia Love – All You, All The Time – 9 June 2014


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Your understanding of a sovereign being is not complete. You do not embody sovereignty, but play at it with words. As long as there is fear present as a gut reaction to an illusory form of any kind – animate or inanimate – you are not sovereign. Sovereignty is not a condition only present when you have “won over” some deceptive or criminal act; it is present 24/7.

Mastery of the physical form will propel you to sovereignty. Sovereignty is not merely a declaration of independence. It is being true to only one form, the one that is embodied and focused on NOW. This truth can be understood many ways.

Full consciousness demands constant attention, tenacity and 100% of your ability. We humans have become lazy and in a sense demanding of our right to “take a break” from awareness and attention and focus – seeing these merely as “more work”.

This was intentional. The enslavement was primarily always interested in our minds rather than our bodies. If they (our minds) become exhausted or fruitless enterprises, we are easier to control.

Things like entertaining gadgets appeal to young ones especially; who are like sponges and then grow up addicted to everything a machine is saying to and about them. This, RATHER THAN thinking, creating, or making a more productive, engaging and powerful existence. Awareness of this manipulation is necessary for a complete picture of this life.

In order to alter the physical, you must hold no remnant of an idea that this is something that is “hard”. Look at it as you would any skill you are attempting to Master. There is trial and error, and as you explore you get better at it while it gets easier to do.

Mastery of anything takes attention and practice. The steps utilized are:







More Exploration

and mostly – Repetition

Unless you have control of all the facets of creation at your disposal, you will not recognize your own hand when things show up. What is meant by the term “control” is clarity and awareness. The probability and possibility of manifestation exists at a much greater percentage than you give it credit for. This is so that you remain asleep and unaware of the power in words, in situations, in sound and even in the places you gather. All of these change the emotional level held and therefore what is created.

Consciousness is more than a full time job; it is a state of being. Once you have gotten there, what happens is that your life can be more easily tracked and understood. Not with a sense of blame or fault but with awareness – so that choices made are either desired or changed if they are not (desired).

All this is to say not that your life is your fault; rather that your life is YOU. It is not partially you; it is a conglomeration of the result of your creative power. Power which is and always has been affected by all you take in – your surroundings, environment and community.

If you take just one aspect of your life, specifically one in which you’ve divorced responsibility from, and really look at it – it becomes obvious how it occurs. The thoughts you hold, beliefs you have, words you repeat silently or aloud, conversations you partake in, music and programs you listen to – all of these are creative. You are a sponge but more than that – not an inert absorber of information, but a sentient being. All that is taken in becomes then a part of what turns into your life.

Practice and repetition are necessary for Mastery of anything at all. Mastery is not something magically bestowed on a deserving few, but the end result of focus and determination and intent by a single sovereign being. This is you. This is me. This is us.

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

~Sophia / link to original article


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