Laura Bruno – Natural News Discovers Permaculture – 10 June 2014


Great info and thoughts shared by Ann in this introduction … along with the article itself. I’m inclined to agree: permaculture CAN save the world.

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Jeff Lawton’s Permaculture, that is. As if he’s the chief guru of this global movement which has been gaining momentum for several decades, has many leaders and teachers, and which (frankly, I do feel the hyperbole is true) CAN “save the world.” And that’s exactly what I exclaimed as well, within the first hour of hearing another international expert and speaker, Peter Bane (author of the new, hefty, Permaculture Handbook), lecture on the subject at my own Permaculture Design training six years ago.

I watched the Jeff Lawton free series last winter with my neighbor Rebecca (and new director of the GANG garden). It helped to re-inspire me as a permaculturist, and taught her, a 40-year organic gardener, among other things, that she didn’t have to till the soil, that in fact, she should not till the soil, since it destroys the valuable microcosmic community just below! Rebecca also found Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s…

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