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Dana Mrkich – Finding Peace In The Wobbliness – 10 June 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewFor the last few years we were feeling the affects of regular solar flares. Energetically, it felt like the flares acted as ‘couriers’ of energy, sending bursts of high-vibrational energy onto the Earth, activating and clearing us as we shifted into new levels of our selves. 

These days, it feels like the waves are horizontal more than vertical. That is, rather than coming down from up or out there, it feels like they are all around us. Sometimes you can even feel them like a literal energy wave, which can make you feel dizzy or as if the ground is moving beneath your feet. Have any of you felt that? 
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Wes Annac – Inspiration In A New Era – 10 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

If we want our work for humanity’s evolution to be potent, I think it’s essential that we motivate and inspire ourselves as much as we can. Our burning flame has to be lit if we want to produce things that can awaken or inspire others, and for this reason, I think it’s essential that we make an effort to put ourselves on a higher vibration every day.

We have the potential to do and be so much more than we realize, but our work will be dull if we aren’t in an enthusiastic or loving enough space to do it. I think it’s essential that we’re as inspired as possible when we do or create anything, and this can especially be said for things that are meant to raise the collective vibration. Continue reading

Police Forcibly Strip, Lock Up, Pepper-Spray Indiana Woman – 10 June 2014

Screenshot from YouTube user Jonathan Barnes

Screenshot from YouTube user Jonathan Barnes

The woman’s attorney said that it may be a routine procedure at the facility and that she has proof that other women are consistently given the same treatment.

On March 30, Tabitha Gentry, a mother of four, was detained by a police officer for disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement, both misdemeanor charges.

Read the full story and see video at: www.rt.com/ link to original article

UK To Rewrite Road Laws To Pave Way For Driverless Cars – 10 June 2014

RT logoThe British government is rehashing its road laws in preparation for a new generation of driverless cars. Google unveiled plans to construct a fleet of self-driving vehicles in May, and hopes to have them on the road as early as September.

The UK government says it wants to become a world leader in the development of driverless vehicles, moving to modify road regulations to incorporate the next-generation cars. Although Google is currently at the forefront with 100 self-driving machines in the pipeline, British Science Minister David Willetts says the UK is not far behind.

“We are one of the world leaders in this,” Willetts told the Daily Mail, “there is technology and it’s British technology. The technology is being developed at Oxford as we speak.”

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Jon Rappoport – Psst, Kid, Want Drugs? I’m A Psychiatrist – 10 June 2014

jon7Look at it this way. The kid doesn’t have to pay for drugs out of his pocket. He gets them in a shrink’s office. Insurance covers it.

His parents may be able to work a Social Security disability claim and receive $$ and other free medical treatments.

The kid’s school cashes in. They’re now teaching a disabled child. Government aid.

No wonder Health Day News (4/24/14) reports that 1 in 13 American children are now on at least one psychiatric medication. Continue reading

Internet Restrictions Must Not Touch Upon Freedom Of Speech – Putin – 10 June 2014

RT logoRussian President has blasted any attempts to infringe basic Human Rights under the pretext of fighting against various negative phenomena on the World Wide Web as unacceptable.

The campaign against harmful tendencies in the internet, including pedophilia and propaganda of suicide cannot in any way justify restrictions aimed against civil freedoms and Human Rights, Vladimir Putin said at the Tuesday meeting with leaders of the Russian internet industry.

Putin added that all restrictions on the internet content must be introduced through the parliament and other public and political structures, through the joint effort of all citizens.

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Lie Detector Exposes Sabotage Of Proton-M Booster – Report – 10 June 2014

An investigation into the Proton-M rocket crash in April 2013 conducted by the Federal Security Service (FSB) has resulted in establishing general proof that foreign matter could have been deliberately placed into crucial components of the booster in order to provoke malfunction – at the factory where the boosters are assembled.

As Izvestia found out, the Ministry of Interior launched a criminal case of “Intentional destruction or waste of property which caused human death through negligence or other grave consequences.”

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Texas Not Forced To Disclose Source Of Death Penalty Drugs – 10 June 2014

RT logoThe US Supreme Court has denied an appeal from a Texas death row prisoner whose lawyers demanded that state officials reveal the source of drugs intended to execute him.

Robert James Campbell, 41, avoided execution on May 13 when his punishment was halted less than three hours before the procedure. His attorneys appealed, claiming that Campbell is mentally retarded and therefore ineligible for the death penalty. The decision on this is pending.

Campbell was sentenced to death for the 1991 abduction, rape and slaying of a 20-year-old Houston bank teller, Alexandra Rendon.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

John Ward – How Good Is Turned Bad: Bitcoin, Brussels And Iberian Bollocks – 10 June 2014

JohnWMatthew Sparkes wrote this in the Telegraph yesterday…the best piece I’ve yet seen on the wider implications of Bitcoin.

The terrifying thing about Sparkes’s review is how easily something that could accelerate mutualised localism, turn the banks into a Maginot Line and break down the centralised State is also the same means by which that State could be replaced by a criminal, ethics-free protection racket even worse than the one we’ve got now.

Meanwhile, we still find ourselves debating whether to get out of the EU or not (why the discussion is even necessary eludes me) but within that non-decision we are left with the same dilemma as Sparkes’s article made so brutally obvious: who are the good guys, and who the bad? Continue reading

ZeroHedge – Frontrunning – 10 June 2014

  • ZeroHedgeUkraine, Russia Fail to Reach Deal in Natural-Gas Talks (WSJ)
  • Boko Haram Kidnaps More Girls in Nigeria (WSJ)
  • Déjà vu: echoes of pre-crisis world mount (FT)
  • Money market rates hit new low as ECB moves gain traction (Reuters)
  • ‘Dark Pools’ Face New SEC Probe (WSJ)
  • White House-Congress rift over Bergdahl deal deepens (Reuters)
  • Buffett Ready to Double $15 Billion Solar, Wind Bet (BBG)
  • Taxpayers Face Big Medicare Tab for Unusual Doctor Billings (WSJ)
  • Lean Retirement Faces U.S. Generation X as Wealth Trails (BBG)
  • Employers’ skills gap claim does not show up in US wage data (FT)
  • He is holding out for the Zuckerberg overbid: Donald Sterling says LA Clippers not for sale (WSJ)
  • Currency Carry Trades Rise in ECB’s Negative-Rate World (BBG)
  • High Yields on Chinese Corporate Bonds Lure Investors, Concerns About Economic Growth Put Aside (WSJ)
  • Two GM lawyers, quality control executive among those pushed out over switch (Reuters)
  • Tyson Wins Bid Against Itself (WSJ)
  • Greek deputy prime minister taken to hospital (Reuters)
  • Betting on boring brings stock outperformance in 2014 (Reuters)

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