Italy Leaves Hundreds Of Refugees Stranded Without Food – UN – 11 June 2014

RT logoThe Italian authorities stranded refugees without food or shoes in car parks outside Rome and Milan, says the UN. Italy is struggling to deal with the 50,000 immigrants that have arrived this year and has asked the EU to help mitigate the crisis.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has condemned Italy’s treatment of a group of refugees who were found abandoned outside Milan and Rome in what the organization described as an “unacceptable” incident.

The refugees “were found without shoes, disorientated, and without having been given anything to eat or drink,” said the EU body’s spokesperson Carlotta Sami told AFP. The immigrants from Mali, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Syria were transported in two busloads to Milan and Rome where they were abandoned in car parks.

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