‘Japan Wants To Spread Military Wings In Way It Hasn’t For Decades’ – 11 June 2014

RT logoShinzo Abe’s constitution amendments are designed to pair Japan militarily with other countries, which should develop stronger defense ties and make it more effective, RMIT lecturer Binoy Kampmark told RT.

RT:Japan has relaxed its self-imposed ban on weapons exports. Is this just about profit or is there more to it?

Binoy Kampmark: I think at the basis of this particular relaxation is an attempt by Japan to be more militarily involved in the region. Part of this is the constitutional injunction about military involvement. It’s based largely on how it interprets the constitution. Shinzo Abe has made it very clear that he wants a more flexible interpretation, which involves a broader concept of collective self-defense. And in a sense these particular deals that are being done, the Australian deals specifically, is an example of how Japan wants to spread its wings in the way that it hasn’t done for decades.

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