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John Ward – Cat Out Of Tory Bag As Osborne Braces For RBS Denouement, & Wage Growth Slows – 11 June 2014

JohnWRevealed by a great IoS piece last weekend – but spectacularly missing from other British media (and easily read here) – is the reality that has been obvious to some of us for nearly four years now: RBS has ‘a £100bn black hole in its finances’ due to ‘five broad areas of alleged criminality and wrongdoing’.

‘The Treasury, the FSA [Financial Services Authority] and the Bank of England all turned a deaf ear to the complaints from the banks’ millions of ‘victims’ and paid scant heed to the overall balance-sheet strength – capital, liquidity and asset quality – of British banks’, says the Zero Hedge piece. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 11 June 2014

SheldanNidle4 Cib, 19 Pax, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We arrive! Your world continues in a silent struggle between the forces of the dark and the Light. This struggle is all about the inevitable defeat of the dark and its many human minions. Our associates are continuing to build alliances and to force what are clearly the elements of their victory. The key essentials in this victory are the vast amounts of precious metals possessed, and especially a broad spiritual element, which includes the rising levels of consciousness and the growing need to be free and spiritually sovereign from the dark and its hideous centuries of slavery, greed and arrogance. A global coalition has formed whose main concerns include an end to debt slavery, true national and personnel sovereignty as well as a worldwide jubilee. This group embraced the Light and is working diligently to give your realm clean, transparent governance and a new monetary system. This system encourages the rise of a permanent prosperity, free of the income taxes used for so long to prevent such reform. In this reality, humanity is to shine and prepare itself for our arrival. This we welcome and know how deeply you are ready for your return to full consciousness. Continue reading

It Runs On Water – Full Documentary – 11 June 2014

Uploaded on 19 April 2013  by DigiComTV  re-posted by i-uv.com

This extraordinary documentary raised a storm of interest when it was first broadcast in America. It tells the story of a small group of inventors who are seeking in various ways to unlock the vast amounts of energy locked up…in water! Ordinary everyday water. A vast untapped storehouse of one of the greatest fuels in the universe, hydrogen. At first their efforts were ignored by scientists, but steadily their work has won recognition. If only a fraction of their hopes were to be realised, untold amounts of clean energy would become available to future generations. This documentary tells an intriguing story that no one else has tracked and in relation to which no one can predict the outcome.

Spaceweather.com – Solar Mini- Max – Incoming CME – 11 June 2014

SOLAR MINI-MAX: NASA and NOAA agree: Solar Max has arrived, but this “mini Max” is not like any other solar maximum of the Space Age. Get the full story and a video from Science@NASA.

INCOMING CME: Yesterday’s double X-flare may have produced a geoeffective CME after all. At first it appeared that Earth was outside the line of fire, but a closer look at the CME reveals an Earth-directed component. Click to view a movie of the explosion from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory:

The movie shows a faint CME associated with the first X-flare emerging around 1200 UT. A second, brighter CME from the second X-flare quickly overtakes it, forming a “cannibal CME.” Computer models run yesterday by NOAA analysts suggest the merged storm cloud will reach Earth mid-day on June 13th. The glancing blow could spark polar geomagnetic storms.

Meanwhile, more X-flares are in the offing. At least two sunspots (AR2080 and AR2087) have unstable ‘delta-class’ magnetic fields that could erupt at any moment. The source of yesterday’s X-flares, AR2087, is particularly potent, and it is turning toward Earth. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of M-flares and a 30% chance of X-flares on June 11th.

http://www.spaceweather.com  – 11 june 2014

Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 11 June 2014

AishaNorthAs you have perhaps already ascertained, these brand new energetic layers cannot be likened to anything you have been immersed in before, and so the feeling of bewilderment and perhaps even a sense of loss and sadness will be rampant for many of you. You see, you have truly become untethered from all of the old in such a way, it can in many ways be likened to that image of an astronaut floating in space, unhindered by gravity, but also seemingly disconnected from everything that has kept him safe. Well in this, the former is indeed true, but when it comes to the latter, nothing could be more wrong. You see, you have indeed become disconnected from the old, but as you are not yet fully able to savor the full scope of these truly life-enhancing new circuits that you have become so deeply connected to, you may at times feel like that astronaut struggling for breath as he starts to panic because he thinks he is running out of air. But you are not running out of air, but in this, it can be a bit like starting to breathe all over again, in a way that may feel unfamiliar to you at first, and so, it may make you feel like you are having to struggle to do something that used to come naturally for you. Continue reading

Lucas – Water Is Not A Right Nor A Commodity ! It is Essential To All And Belongs To All – 11 June 2014

By Mark Schellhase CC By SA - 3.0

By Mark Schellhase CC By SA – 3.0

People wake up towards the ongoing attempts of privatising basics for everyone on this planet. Food, Shelter, Energy, Water are those things that really belong to all. It has become though due to all sorts of ism’s , beliefs and political systems, and the corporatization of our world without our (conscious)  consent taken away from a free source for all into a commodity and even weapon against humanity. Bolivia had already been invaded in the past by those opportunists to make use of corrupt powers to sign over in a bill or law rights to all water including rain water on your land and roofs or gardens. ….The people came into opposition and made sure this privatization was skipped.  It ended though not as everywhere in the world now privatizations schemes are rolled out that suit the UN Agenda 21 and is not the same as the UN declaring Water is a human right. We have to see that rights derive from institutionalized beliefs, dogma, political philosophies. Rights limit the subservient humans to that new structure. It is not a freedom not is it making you free it is a privilege given to you by an institution or structure that you chose for or have given your consent to or got coerced into by force or manipulation. Still it is limiting you.  You need no rights to claim what is freely intended to be for all on this planet. The todays fight, wars, struggles are just exemplar of the fighting over rights, claims and who rules over the subservient people in the structures called, states, countries, regions, municipalities, etc. The fights are about who is the owner or controller of resources and people/ better said humans are seen as a resource not as human. Back to the water rights issue. It is not about rights but about controlling and limiting you by rule of law, statutes and regulations, policies into having a certain right but then slowly  take it away or even sell and privatize your right away. It does not matter which way it goes. The basic knowledge and common sense needs to get back into humans to see water is for all and can not be taken away, or restricted or privatized. The earth and us humans with all other creatures and nature on this planet have enough room, food, resources to live an abundant life. We only need to (re-)distribute all where it is needed or have technology help. The bigger picture you need to see is that your are free human beings and always were but have been kept like slaves, debt-slaves to systems, beliefs that made you think you had to be living in scarcity and lack.  The time has come to see there is enough for all. We need to clean the mess up that is made and restore the balance in all. This is not only the case in this water privatization and rights case but also in all those other cases like: GMOs, food and water additives, vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs and poisons, electro-magnectic interference in your biological body, visual and sound pollution and manipulation of the body and mind and so on.   We are able to change this with even those that have harmed us or are wanting to control us if we stand our ground and make clear : common sense and balance needs to be brought back. No more control and rule over,  no more doing things only for personal gain, profits or other interests and hidden agendas, no more secrecy . The latest Bilderberg Meeting in Copenhagen made clear that we still look at people seeing themselves as custodians over humanity, next to having power and control and all the gain in financial, material sense.  It is an illusion for them to think they still have all the power as it is gradually slipping away. The reaction of the desperate is  to throw in all to still keep control. If all stop hurting the humans  and their fellows, we can forgive and talk with each other to make things balance for all. Balance means not going into extremes to make imbalance again, it means finding common ground, a neutral space. It is time to break through the wall and let go of still existing fears on both sides of the fence.  Work together in openness and honesty and we find each other again reaching out our hands around that round table of peace solving all humanities and the planets problems together in unity of free human beings.

Love and light,



Privatization of Water in Bolivia : november 2009

Bolivia is South America’s poorest country and the site of one of the world’s most controversial water privatization programs.  In the 1990s, under World Bank guidance, the water systems of some of Bolivia’s poorest regions were put up for sale to private investors.  In the area of Cochabamba, a US-owned company, Bechtel, was awarded a long-term contract to manage and deliver water in that region.  The results of this deal shed light on the complexities of water privatization and differences between economic theory and what happens in the real world.

Read the full story at: http://www.worldsavvy.org/ link to original article


The Privatization of Water: Nestlé Denies that Water is a Fundamental Human Right :

The current Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé, the largest producer of food products in the world, believes that the answer to global water issues is privatization. This statement is on record from the wonderful company that has peddled junk food in the Amazon, has invested money to thwart the labeling of GMO-filled products, has a disturbing health and ethics record for its infant formula, and has deployed a cyber army to monitor Internet criticism and shape discussions in social media.

Read the full story at: : http://www.globalresearch.ca/ link to original article


Water turns back into public hands in Montpellier: 

(14 May 2014) Water is a public good! It is essential for life. With these words the mayor of Montpellier, Mr. M. Saurel, announced that the Montpellier municipality would take back control over its water supply. The Mayor said that the city aims for a lower price and for a new approach to water services. The city will terminate the contract with Veolia that has run the service for 25 years on 1 January 2015 and from then the municipality will provide the service for seven years.
Next to a reduction of the water tariff by 10% the city will establish a policy for ensuring water supply to the poor. These were the main reasons to take water back under public control.

Read the full article in French  : http://www.right2water.eu/ link to article

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NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – Family Billed $12M After State Mental Institution Kills Man – 11 June 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) New York State officials have sent an $11.67 million bill to the sister of a 33-year-old mentally disabled man who died at a state facility in Queens two years ago.

The bill came a year after the man’s sister filed a lawsuit against the institution, alleging that the staff there had killed him.

The claim against Rasheen Rose’s estate cited his total Medicaid assistance from Aug. 6, 2002, through Aug. 6, 2012, the day he passed away, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Jennifer O’Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), which operates the institution, told the AP that officials were merely following federal Medicaid obligation guidelines seeking reimbursement.

“Not doing so would be a violation and could put federal Medicaid funding at risk,” she said, according to the AP.

Typically, however, Medicaid — which is a joint state and federal program for low-income Americans, does not seek or demand reimbursement, so the case is odd for that reason alone.


Apparently, however, it is a tactic that is increasingly being employed by a cash-hungry government, perhaps as an intimidation element. Ilann Maazel, an attorney who has filed several lawsuits against the state after others died while under its care, told the AP that other claim notices have recently been sent to families that are suing.

“This is something new we’re seeing… and it’s problematic,” he said. Continue reading

‘Arrogant & Reckless’: London Mayor Buys England’s First Water Cannons – 11 June 2014

RT logoLondon Mayor Boris Johnson has announced the purchase of first water cannons for the Metropolitan Police. The move triggered uproar in the UK as deployment of the cannons has not been authorized and 98 percent of the population is against their use.

Johnson’s decision to give the go-ahead for the purchase of three secondhand water cannons has prompted accusations of arrogance and recklessness as their use has not yet been sanctioned on the UK mainland. Metropolitan Police have submitted an application to the Home Office asking for authorization.

Northern Ireland is currently the only place in the UK where the use of the cannons is sanctioned.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

NaturalNews – Alan Philips J.D. – Vaccines: Child Consent Agenda Pushes Forward – 11 June 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) Two U.S. states already have laws allowing children to consent to vaccines — CA and NC — and this could become a trend around the country, as more state legislatures, TX and NY to be specific, have introduced similar bills. Now, New York legislators are revising their prior attempt with House Bill A497, which would allow children to consent to vaccination — a procedure that comes with a risk of permanent disability and death (Google the “National Vaccine Injury and Compensation Program”) — for sexually transmitted diseases. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – California Judge Rules Tenure Laws Violate Student Rights To An Education – 11 June 2014

MishMikeShedlockIt’s not often that I am shocked by a common-sense judicial ruling, especially in California, but today I am. The New York Times reports Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California.

A California judge ruled Tuesday that teacher tenure laws deprived students of their right to an education under the State Constitution and violated their civil rights. The decision hands teachers’ unions a major defeat in a landmark case, one that could radically alter how California teachers are hired and fired and prompt challenges to tenure laws in other states. Continue reading