Wes Annac – Spiritual Guidance: Walking Your Talk Is The Best Path – 11 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We recommend opening up to the influence of spirit and channeling the higher realms as often as you can, because doing so introduces you to the divine like never before and helps you flow the understanding that when you find the greater perception so many of you have searched endlessly for, you become infinite.

You have the ability to find a higher state of consciousness, and all it takes is the willingness to find it and the understanding that you’re capable of far more than you give yourselves credit for.

You have the ability to do and be whatever you desire, and presently, far too many souls either don’t realize their abilities or refuse to act on them, which is unfortunate from our perspective. It’s unfortunate that so many souls are so okay with acting underneath their potential, and for your new earth to be built, every seeker will have to be willing to recognize what they’re capable of and act on their capabilities.

You’ll all need to be willing to understand your infinite nature and your endless capabilities, because the task ahead of you will require quite a lot. A lot needs done to change the condition the surface of your planet is in, but your planet’s condition has been steadily improving for decades of your earthly time and will continue to improve.

Far More Involved

The difference will soon be that humanity’s far more involved in healing your planet than ever before, and whereas until now, the Company of Heaven and the various spiritual and elemental forces overseeing your planet’s sustainability and ascension have been working to heal your surface, all of humanity and the Company of Heaven combined will be doing this work hand in hand.

As you can probably imagine, a lot will get done in a relatively small amount of your concept of time, and with humanity and the Company of Heaven working together, your new earth will be built in no time. We don’t want to make the construction of your new world seem as if it’ll be easy, however, because a lot will be asked of humanity that could be difficult for many souls to do.

For example, forgiving the cabal after learning about the darkest things they’ve done to humanity will be very difficult for a lot of people, because rage and vengeance will run through their veins when they learn the malicious extent to which the cabal has strived to harm the rest of your populace.

It’ll be essential for the conscious public, some members of which are realizing that part of their mission requires advocating forgiveness, to help the rest of humanity find a level head when the cabal’s greatest crimes are exposed and they’re left with nowhere to run.

Especially with the extent to which consciousness is rising, peace and love are overshadowing the lower qualities that have kept humanity chained to the lower fourth-dimensional realms and a new way of life is being recognized, embraced, and advocated for the rest of your planet to open up to.

The rising planetary vibration is beginning to affect the minds and hearts of various people who wouldn’t have been able to awaken for a long time without it, and we’re here to help the conscious public raise awareness by communicating directly with humanity to offer updates about what’s happening behind the scenes.

We can only offer so much because of the ‘language barrier’ as we’ll call it, and by this we mean your limited third-dimensional language, which is difficult to use to convey many of the things that are happening on this side. A lot is happening, and much of it we can’t speak about but happily would if there were a way.

We can send you energetic impressions related to the higher realms and everything that’s ushering your planet into a new era of collective, peace, harmony, and abundance, but our impressions are filtered through the minds of our scribes and while some impressions are expanded on, others can be distorted if the scribe’s channeling flow is shallow.

We wholeheartedly encourage the scribes who seek to connect with us to achieve the deepest and most direct higher-vibrational connections they can, because in doing so, they’ll propel themselves into positions of being able to routinely communicate with us in any given moment despite nearly any odds or circumstances.

You’re all able to connect with us in this manner, and the souls who are communicating with us now have simply realized and explored their greater abilities and, as a natural result, found the everlasting connections they sought.

The Time is Right

You can all find these connections if you make an effort to, and as you’re beginning to learn, opening yourselves to spirit and pursuing the resulting connections require much more than shallow effort. Feel free to plunge deeper into your spiritual exploration than you ever have, because the time is right for you to discover all of the amazing things that have been hidden from your perception for so long.

So much about your reality is in need of fixing and healing, but we can’t and won’t be the only ones to bring this transformation about.

As we’ve said before, the responsibility lies in the awakening humanity to create and be the immense, wondrous changes you’ve waited for so long to witness, and you can take the first step by rooting yourselves in the divine qualities as much and as often as possible.

When you feed into the vibrations of the old world, you support the current paradigm and the social mechanisms so many of you are ready to transcend. You open yourselves to the influence of energetic parasites who use negativity to drain your positive energy, and the connections you seek are blocked as a result.

You have to have a little bit of positive energy; a little bit of momentum to make the connections you seek, but as long as your energy and intent are there, you’ll be able to connect with us. It’s also essential that you believe in the reality of the connections you’re making if you want them to be successful, because doubt massively inhibits the process.

If you’re susceptible to the influence of lower energies, many of which are fed and accepted as a regular part of your society, you’ll bock yourselves from your developing metaphysical perception and cease bringing through the universal energy that’s helping the rest of your planet awaken.

Those of you who can root yourselves unflinchingly in the divine qualities and keep your vibration clear and pure of any distortions or obstructions can bring through continually pure waves of energy that’ll ripple out to your collective consciousness and subconsciously affect every unaware soul who, deep within, is ready to awaken to the wonders spirit has to offer.

Allow yourselves to shine, dearest souls, because when you do, you radiate a pure vibration unlike any you’ve yet felt or experienced.

Allow yourselves to make the greater connections you desire to make without pressuring yourselves or worrying about the future, for as long as you have awareness and willingness to do what’s required to help humanity live in the light while ensuring your own physical survival and sustainability, you’ll be carried forth on a wave of light to help awaken and uplift everyone on your planet who hasn’t yet become aware of spirit.

The Trendiest Subject

As consciousness continues to rise, awareness will become the trendiest subject on your planet and everyone will seek the sacred truths of their existence.

With the immense visualizations a plethora of seekers have already done, waves of souls will continue to become aware of spirit and your new society will continue to be on the minds of seekers who are ready for a full-on transformation.

Visualization is one of many ways you can help create a positive future, but of course, the most direct ways to introduce change on any lower-vibrational planet are to incarnate there and live a life of love and purity, setting the example for everyone else to live by and drastically raising your local and collective consciousness.

Many souls have chosen to rebel against your self-serving governments and the small collective of darkly inclined ‘controllers’ they take their orders from, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with this path, which these souls chose for themselves when they decided what their role would be on your planet at this time.

However, outer change can’t happen without the inner change that enables it, and protesting against tyranny and corruption isn’t the first step to creating planetary change.

Many people on your planet still don’t understand the massive effects your inner perception (and the actions that stem from it) has on your physical reality, and it still isn’t understood that if you’re hurt or broken within, you’ll manifest this in your outer reality.

If you feed into pain or darkness, the creation of your reality will naturally follow suit because the universe mirrors what you give out. Everything you give to the universe, it sends back for you to experience. Especially when you affect another, either positively or negatively, you’re given exactly what you gave out.

This is how the law of karma works, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with endless encouragement to be the changes you want to see. However difficult some of you might perceive it to be, walking your talk truly is the best path you can take.

You’re on the earth to make mistakes – mistakes you learn and grow from – but in the higher vibration you’re rapidly reentering, the pure perception around you and the bliss that comes with it will be the only things you want to pursue.

Anything that constitutes the lower vibrations will become unsatisfying, and the inner barriers that have kept you from your greater perception will have been transcended in favor of infinite and uninhibited liberation.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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