ZeroHedge – ‘Public Has No Idea How NATO Spends Money’: Dutch Auditors Call For More Transparency – 11 June 2014

RT logoDutch auditors claim NATO member states – which contribute to the organization’s budget from a combined $1 trillion in defense spending – are largely unaware of how these funds are being spent, as most of the alliance’s expenditures remain classified.

For decades the accounting records of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which marked its 65th anniversary in April, remained largely ‘blotted out’ as classified, leaving billions of NATO dollars unaccounted for, claim auditors from the Netherlands.

The official controlling body of the Dutch government, the Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA), which also audits the funds annually allocated by Netherlands government on NATO activities, collected information from open sources on NATO expenditures over the last 40 years. The results of this extensive research have been published last Tuesday on a specially-created English language website.

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