Lucas – The Energetics Singing A Song Of Change – 12 June 2014

A Song Thrush by Taco Meeuwsen Uploaded by Richard001 CC- 2.0 Unported

The energetics of the multidimensional reality is becoming more and more clear. The speech and language changes its tone…and electro-magnetics become something very important in all.  We are learning the new nature of things in the now by our constant change, for some this change is coming quick others feel it is slow as that is related to the energetics of you at this moment of now.

The planetary, stars and solar energetics are now on the up again. It is shown in many ways from special alignments, the moon cycles and the solar flares, CMEs, solar wind and sunspots.  It all has a profound effect on the change and the gear is up again. Our inner energetics are forced to respond also on the ongoing leveling up in energies that forces us to make choices in our process of change.

Balance is key in all that is. So any extreme will need another extreme to compensate. That implies also that if we go out of extremes we will find balance or balance more easily. As the inner us changes the outer world will change. Things can be very intense when people have to get into emotions and feelings, sensing the deepest of the deep within to see what is and make the right choice to accept it, let it go, or even remove it.

The new is in our multidimensional now a step from your door away.  It is latent and seeks a point where it can make itself ground and manifest in the now.  There is an eternal abundance of probabilities and possibilities to set your intent to and let it go into the flow to find its way to manifest. More and more things will manifest by our intended thought feeling creation. Keeping your right intent and energetics on the right things of what it is you want is crucial.

Be sure not to be in the old-fashioned way doing things in imbalance or for your self-interest, power,  pleasure, etc in first place. If we care and share not only by mouth but by actions and are creating first that what we all need or redistribute all that is already in abundance here to all humanity all of you can free up your own talents, and set your exploration light spirit to do what it wants.

We will learn to use our own energy and will be able to see beyond our cages of theories, ideology, beliefs and established sciences. Nothing is impossible and that is a fact, better said all is possible. We even have been abused  by our language and speech on energetic levels. Language with hidden meanings, double meanings, language that is interpreted, language used to condition and manipulate.

We will find ourselves more and more being drawn to higher forms of communication that incorporate sensing, emotions, images and signs, colors and vibration into a complete and different way of communication on a telepathic level. Every communication becomes an experience in full of what is meant or is. The new energetics within this communication will help in becoming conflictless.

All is not done or manifested in one day. It is still for all a personal journey and process to go through. It is though not for nothing you came here to be in this moment of now to contribute to this process of you and all in later on making  the leap and shift in your body to the next level. This unknown new we will shape and explore with all that what we have learned and mastered here in this old ended cycle.

Keep your positive focus of intent on what it is you want out of this new paradigm and foremost what you want for humanity as a whole in this new paradigm to be. The coming few days  profound changes and insights can be coming into your personal lives or profound things will happen. Not all will get it or see it. They will later on though have those experiences.

The changes are coming. No doubt.

Much love and light,


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