Peter, Lucas, Colin And Rena – Double Dutch Show Reminder Friday 13th June – 12 June 2014

ddlogo Friday 13th June 2014 SHOW REMINDER – LISTEN IN!

This week there is a: Viewpoint in the now with Lucas featuring Grant Robb.

Link to show

The Show starts on the times shown below.

Friday the 13th June of 2014 is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in!

NEW TIMES: Due to the change day light savings …. times and ongoing schedule problems with blogtalk.

Show starts NewYork -EDT at 7.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 13.00 pm – and  21.00 pm Canberra Australia EST time.

Call in (646) 595-2459  or via FB to listen to the show that way also…

Link to the radioshow

Viewpoint In The Now with Grant Robb:

Grant Robb is an Australian guy who has lived his spirituality but also is grounded to the reality we are living in now. He is setting up a consultancy business in Permaculture in Canberra and loves to show, teach, plan and work out permaculture gardens for all sorts of uses: home, hospitals, care homes, hotels, private estates, etc. In interesting guy that seeks balance in live and spirituality and want to live also what he is convinced is the way we can go forward in this new paradigm.  His website is not yet fully equipped for his new consultancy business, you though can get in touch for Permaculture basics and plans for your gardens, etc. He can help from knowledge to full-scale planting. Besides that he has his spiritual wisdom also to offer.  link :

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