UK Seeks To Renew Pact With US On Nuke Data Exchange, Warhead Design – 13 June 2014

Trident I C-4 missile (Photo from

Trident I C-4 missile (Photo from

The 1958 pact is the Mutual Defense Agreement (MDA) – a document praising close interaction while designing new nuclear warheads, as well as manufacturing materials. While seeking to prolong it, as it was done back in 2004, Whitehall however does not seem to be planning to take it to the British parliament.

“A debate on the renewal of the MDA would be used by some as an opportunity to raise wider questions concerning the possible renewal of the nuclear deterrent, the future of the [UK’s] Atomic Weapons Establishment and our obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty,” argues internal paper of British Ministry of Defence (MoD). The paper was obtained by the Guardian through a Freedom of Information request.

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