Wes Annac – Spiritual Guidance: Connecting With Spirit Is A Sacred Right – 13 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

When you attune to the energies and impressions of the higher realms, you connect with something that constantly sits within and waits to be utilized. Your reception of the energies we’re offering can be very smooth and free-flowing, but you have to have plenty of energy and willingness to interpret and expand on the impressions you’re being given.

You have to be in as receptive of a state as possible if you want to open up to us and the energy we’re sending you, and you utilize your creative energy when you channel us or do anything else that’s intended to help humanity become aware.

You have to be receptive so you can bring forth your natural, creative energy and the energy of the souls you seek to connect with, and after so long of successfully connecting with us and bringing the resulting words and energies through, it’ll become much easier to communicate with us and the impressions you receive will flow to you much more effortlessly.

As long as you continue honing your reception of the energy you’re being happily and lovingly given from the realms beyond, the purity of your connection will continue to strengthen and your perception of the spiritual nature of your existence, as well as your overall ability to connect with the divine and use that connection to help others, will strengthen just as much.

Tapping Into the Heart

Above all, we recommend tapping into the love of the open heart space on a daily basis and making sure you don’t deplete yourselves of the creative, inspired energy you hold within. There are plenty of ways you can drain this energy, and we encourage eating light, among plenty of other things, for those of you who want to utilize it to its fullest extent.

You’re infinitely capable of connecting with the love of the open heart space and using your creative energy for progressive purposes, but if you deplete your energy or block yourselves from the love of your hearts, you’ll find that it’s much harder to channel us or complete any other creative act that would’ve ordinarily been easier.

We encourage humility for any soul who wants to continuously connect with the higher realms and produce divinely inspired creations, and too much earthly consumerism will block your channels and make it difficult to find the divine flow so many of you seek.

If you’re too enamored with the physical world to engage in your unfolding perception of the spiritual, your connection will be blocked and you may wonder why you suddenly can’t feel the energy and inspiration you once felt naturally.

Creativity is a beautiful and spiritually inspired thing, and we never encourage draining your natural energetic source of creativity in favor of finite, earthly things that don’t satisfy as much as utilizing your greater perception and creativity.

Getting active is one of many ways you can increase your reception of the divine and your ability to effortlessly connect with the higher realms, and you can also spend plenty of time in nature, revitalizing your channels and nourishing your spirits as much and as often as possible.

Some of you are blessed to have nature spots very close to your homes, and we wholeheartedly encourage utilizing these spots and gaining as much energy and vitality as you feel you can. In doing so, you’ll expand your greater perception like never before and your reception of the divine will increase into eternity.

We talk about the divine flow and connecting with spirit so much for two reasons.

One is because this subject is on the mind of our scribe, who’s interpreting our energies and having us shed light on matters that are important to him, and the other is because this flow will creatively liberate every seeker who taps into it in a real and pure way.

What we mean is that any creative project or venture you seek to embark on will be strengthened exponentially by tapping into the divine flow and letting it be responsible for the things you produce.

You’re still responsible for these things, but once you step into this flow, you can think of yourself as a conduit for a greater aspect of yourself who works through you and produces things you would’ve never thought yourselves able to produce.

In connecting with your higher selves and the numerous, uncountable guides that wait for you to connect with them, you’ll find a wealth of important and needed assistance along your paths as well as a strengthened spiritual perception and a greater understanding of the importance of everything you experience.

Highs and Lows

You’re all going through difficult but necessary trials, and the earth experience entails going through highs and lows; ups and downs that you’re tasked with navigating in as centered and balanced of a way as you can. Some of the challenges you’ll face will test you more than you expect, and others will be easier as long as you remain in the aforementioned balanced space.

No matter what you experience, inner harmony is the key to navigating it. This goes for anything and everything that could possibly make its way to you, and as long as you’re loving, peaceful, and centered within, nothing will take your sense of security away from you.

Security isn’t to be found in your outer reality – it’s to be found in the calm assuredness of the open heart space. The real security every soul seeks is in knowing Source and themselves, and when you explore your inner realms and your metaphysical capabilities, such as channeling, you’ll find the security so many of you search so actively for.

The physical body is the sacred, holy temple that one can use to constantly praise Source and themselves, and the spirit that sits in the body is the real self; the authentic self who can never die. Your real selves will always exist, and when your physical body perishes, you’ll simply drop it and become your true, etheric selves, free to explore your reality in a much less dense and inhibited way.

Your higher self is the result of your experiences gained in the lower dimensions, and your authentic self will meet and merge with this higher soul-fragment in due time. In fact, this merging is already taking place, and even though I lean on my scribe’s vocabulary to communicate with humanity, my scribe and I will continue to merge, as will each of you with your respective higher selves.

The higher realms (as well as your higher selves) are descending onto the earth, and likewise, all of the lower-dimensional creation on earth is ascending toward us. We’re merging our respective perceptions, and the result will be a much greater and purer perception on the part of all of humanity.

You’re continuing to pass through the fourth dimension, and like we’ve said before, much of your collective is currently rooted in a lower fourth-dimensional perception. This isn’t stopping the awakening lightworkers from bringing through as much and as pure light as they can in preparation for the events that are to come, however.

Your ascension is more gradual than many seekers think, but there are important events that help you collectively shift into a higher state of consciousness – that is, if you utilize them. The upcoming full moon on your date of Friday the 13th will prove to be one such important energetic event, and if you make an effort, you can attune to the pure energies you’re being given, which will be intensified on this date.

We want to use this opportunity to talk about superstition and the negative effect it can have on your quest for spiritual truths and revelations.

Various things, such as breaking mirrors, walking under a ladder, seeing a black cat, etc. are believed to herald negative consequences, and the date of Friday the 13th has fallen into this category. What a lot of people on your planet don’t know is that the negatively oriented superstitions that preach fear are aligned with your cabal’s agenda to limit humanity’s greater perception with irrelevant dogma, and every form of superstition can be transcended.

You Create Your Reality

In reality, it doesn’t matter what certain dates, symbols, or numbers mean to other people on your planet, because you can each choose what these symbols mean for you. If, for instance, the upcoming date of Friday the 13th and the coinciding full moon could be seen as positive for your spiritual development, then you’ll experience the benefits from such a belief because your create your reality.

No matter what a symbol, date, etc. means to someone else, you’re in the driver’s seat and you have the full ability to decide what it means for you.

You can make every day a reason to celebrate if you want. Imagine, dearest souls, every day being a holiday wherein you celebrate the joyful nature of your existence and the fact that you’re able to perceive such wonders and beauties in such a lower-vibrational place.

Especially on your upcoming Friday the 13th, you can use these self-created holidays to attune to an increasingly pure banquet of Source energy, and if you do, you’ll find that your consciousness and that of the people around you started to grow in the days and weeks afterward.

The lightworkers who are inclined to acting as conduits for a greater amount and purity of energy will want to be hard at work on this date, day and night, receiving and transmitting the powerful waves of energy that’ll be emitted.

This date is just one of many that herald a massive increase in the amount and purity of energy you’re being given, and the more active the conscious public is in assimilating and spreading the energies around, the more people they’ll be able to reach.

Of course, they’re reaching everyone on your planet no matter what, but some earthly souls have a very thick, ego-driven shell to break through that we hope for these energies to help penetrate.

Your planet and everyone on it is given freewill, but the higher selves of a plethora of earthly souls are ready to make the soul-level connections that their sparks on earth have been cut off from, and as such, myriad lightworkers and starseeds have been called to your planet to help these souls make the connections you each deserve to make.

Connecting with spirit is a sacred right you each carry within, but nobody can force you to act on this right. Nobody in the higher realms can force you to see beyond the very strong illusion that exists on your planet and into the light of your developing higher-dimensional perception, and only you can make the connections you want to make.

Making these connections is one thing, but maintaining them is something else entirely, as our and plenty of other scribes are beginning to learn.

Once you realize you’ve been endowed with an ability to connect with the higher realms or do anything else that benefits the conscious public and, eventually, all of humanity, you’re encouraged to pursue it as much as you can – to ‘milk it for all it’s worth’ as we’ve said before.

As we’ve also said before, the purpose of the earthly existence of many of you is to bring through the energies of your higher selves and guides, so feel free to start working harder than ever before and enjoying the deeper connections that result.

Your connection with spirit can be deeper than you ever imagined or envisioned, and all you need to do is make an effort to keep opening up to the divine and producing as much and as pure spiritually inspired material as you can.

Our scribe recently made the decision to start channeling every day, for example, and this is a huge commitment that requires daily dedication to the channeling flow and to offering oneself for the expression of a higher aspect of one’s consciousness.

The Importance of Commitment

Channeling can be easy, but acting on the everlasting flow you can each access is difficult if one isn’t fully committed to the process.

We’re confident that the growing number of souls who seek to channel us will commit to the process in due time, and we, like many of you, are excited to see just how many souls choose to connect with us and how easy it’ll be for an increasingly aware humanity to make the connections you’ve been convinced you’re too limited to make.

Humanity has been misled about the existence of the spiritual realms and every soul who resides in them, as well as the existence of various otherworldly civilizations who are very close to your planet, and there’s a lot for you to learn about your spiritual nature and the infinitely deep ability you have to connect with the higher realms and even call for your star brethren to show themselves to you.

This is a tricky subject, because your star brethren are very excited to show themselves to conscious seekers who won’t be overwhelmed by their presence, but they have to be careful because in any given moment, hundreds of people are looking up into the same day or night sky as the seeker who wants to see a craft.

Many seekers have been given sightings of your star brethren, and every time a sighting is given, extreme care and caution are taken so freewill isn’t hindered and people who aren’t ready to witness something so bold and outside their physical perception don’t have to.

Every facet of the Company of Heaven cares for humanity deeply, your star brethren included, and we would never want to overwhelm or scare any soul into closing their greater perception and refusing to see what lies beyond your physical realm.

This is the hardest thing about helping awaken humanity: if an earthly soul is given too pure or intense of a glimpse into the higher realms or the souls in them, they’re likely to shut down and abandon any greater perception they might’ve otherwise sought.

We want you to be awake and aware, but we want you to wake up in your own time and not in a time that’s designated for you by someone else.

The seekers who want to witness a craft and are willing to express patience, however, can make a request in their minds and hearts for a sighting and see what happens, and many seekers can attest that this method will offer the sighting one seeks. Everyone’s different, however, and some seekers might not witness a sighting for various reasons.

One is, again, because we don’t want to overwhelm anyone else, and another is because witnessing a craft or a series of them could shatter what was left of a seeker’s physical paradigm if the sighting is particularly bold or intense.

Many seekers are confident that they can witness something bold or physically unexplainable, but some seekers who’ve been given visions of billions of craft in the sky and other, similar phenomena in their dreams have noted the uneasy feelings these things caused in them.

You’ll be overwhelmed if you’re awakened too quickly, and for this and plenty of other reasons, we can’t express the importance of patience enough.

Let whatever happens flow naturally, and if it isn’t what you expect or you feel as if you can handle something more intense, make a request to your higher self and put yourself on a different timeline where you’re more susceptible to witnessing intense phenomena.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the utmost support and encouragement to keep expressing the flowing love you’re beginning to rediscover you carry within.

Strengthen your perception of this inner love whenever possible, because without it, your lives turn cold and hollow and we note the anguishing feelings that can result. Keep your channels pure and flowing, and allow your physical body – your place of worship – to be as clear and pure as possible.

You’re holy beings who are worthier of Source’s all-encompassing love than you yet realize, and you’re given the love and support of the entirety of the Company of Heaven. Remember this in your darkest and most difficult times, and always seek to expand the already strong flow you’re tapping into with grace and ease.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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