Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 14 June 2014


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each one of you is a beautiful part of creation. Each one of you holds within your very being, within your mind, body, and emotions, even within your DNA, the potential to be anyone you choose to be in the whole of creation. However, before you come to earth, you select various traits that you will embody and embrace – skin color, eye color, hair, size, shape, emotional makeup, mental points of view given to you by parents, society, etc. These will be your soul’s “containers” while you are on the earth, until at long last you realize you are not the containers, but rather something so much more.

It is important that you honor these containers for the functions they serve. Love your body as it is now, even if you want to change it later. It is teaching you to love yourself more deeply. Honor your own emotions for they guide you to a deeper truth about what it is you wish to experience in any given moment. They are messages from your soul. Embrace your ideologies because they allow you to explore various aspects of self, while all the while allowing others’s theirs as well.

These containers – the mind, body, emotions – are often called “the ego” and “the ego” seems to have a very bad reputation in your human minds. In reality “the ego” is simply a container for the soul, a little vessel that limits your experience so you can, in a sense, enroll in certain classes her upon the earth. “The ego” is neither good nor bad. It defines your sacred point of view this lifetime – what aspects of the infinite that you wish to explore.

Problems occur when you begin to believe “your ego” is the only right container for the soul – when you expect others to look as you think they should, feel as you think they should, and believe as you believe they should. This is like a glass of water saying to the pitcher, “You should be a glass like me!” or the river saying to the ocean, “Why are you so spread out? You should run through a channel as I do!” or the ocean saying to the river, “Why are you so confined! Relax! Spread out! Let go.”

By all means, embrace who you are and wish to be in any given moment. Be clear about who and what you want in your lives and make no apology for your own sacred point of view. However, allow others their own as well, for their bodies, beliefs and feelings define their classes here upon the earth. Share yours of course, but try to allow others theirs as well. When you embrace your own sacred point of view you can, without apology, move closer to those with whom you resonate and kindly move away from those with whom you do not. You can allow others who respect your particular brand of light to move closer, and you can kindly and firmly create boundaries for those who do not.

While each one of you is part of one great love, you choose to experience this love in different forms during a lifetime, and at different points in your life. Allow yourselves this freedom. Allow others the same. And in so doing, you grant the world a deep and ever changing, but lasting peace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Hi Everyone,

The cactus says with all its thorny being… “If you want to harm me stay away, but if you simply want to rest in the shelter of my being, come on in!” Birds are welcome to burrow and nest in its cool interior, but predators who would rip it apart to steal a drink of the water stored within are kept away by the elaborate array of thorns.

Likewise, we can welcome those who treat us with love, respect, and kindness to come closer and be a part of our lives, while at the same time feeling no guilt whatsoever about kindly and firmly creating boundaries for those who would attempt to siphon our life force or treat us with less than loving kindness.

I struggled with the issue of boundaries in the past. I use to think that “loving all” meant indiscriminately allowing everyone to have their way in my life. I answered every call, every email, and gave up my own health and well being for the sake of serving others – all the while burning myself out and wondering why no one took care of me.

It was the angels who taught me years ago that healthy boundaries are an act of love. When you know who you are and what you want in your life you have no problem at all being lovingly and graciously kind and clear. There is no need for defensiveness or judgment – that comes from being insecure about your own sacred point of view.

Years ago I went up to a well known author at a conference where we were both speaking and asked him if he ever read and endorsed books by others. He snapped a quick “No!” at me and looked away. Later I went up and apologized to him for disturbing him, making it clear that I had no expectation but embraced the philosophy that if I didn’t ask, I wouldn’t know. He apologized for snapping and said that in truth he wished he could help everyone but just didn’t have the time, and that it was still hard for him to say no. I told him I completely understood… and made a mental note to firmly “own” my decisions so I could be more gracious with my own “no’s” in the future.

Boundaries, rather than pushing life away, allow others to see who you you choose to be, and to know their place inside or outside of your own own sacred sphere of existence. As the angels like to say, “Judgment says no right to be. Discernment says not right for me.”

When you embrace your own sacred point of view, you find a healthy balance between self care and service… simply by honestly honoring the guidance in your heart and your truth in each moment.

So this week, honor and respect the light within you.

When you truly become comfortable with who you are and what you want in your life, you tap into the endless and honest energy of the Divine as it wishes to express itself through your life and your being.

Have a beautiful week!
Love and hugs,
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