‘Coca’ Cake For UN Chief: Bolivia Gives Ban A Birthday Treat – 14 June 2014

RT logoWearing a straw hat and a garland of flowers, UN Chief Ban Ki-moon blew out 70 candles on probably the most unusual cake he’s ever received for his birthday – served with coca leaves and presented to him by Bolivia on the eve of a G77 leaders’ summit.

Schoolchildren sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the UN chief in three languages – English, Spanish and Ayoreo (a native dialect) while giving him a cake in the village of El Torno, reports the Bolivian Agency ABI.

“The Bolivian people will never forget your visit,” the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, a former coca farmer himself who considers coca chewing to be part of Bolivia’s heritage, told Ban in front of hundreds of people. Morales long time defended the legal use of coca for tea, sweets and medicines.

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