DutchNews – Concerns Mount About Health Regulator After Expenses Revelations – 16 June 2014

dutchnews-logoConcerns mount about health regulator after expenses revelations

Monday 16 June 2014

Doubts are mounting in parliament about the way the Dutch health service regulator NZa is functioning, given the weekend’s revelations about the director accepting trips funded by drugs firms, the NRC reports on Monday.

(Lucas: If  on the board of regulators the same companies are represented that need to be regulated or those on the  board of regulators are having direct or indirect financial interests or relations with the organizations or companies they  need to regulate you know there is conflict of interest and or fraud going on. It is just again an example of a worldwide disease were dishonour rules, no transparency is found and lots of fraud, corruption, crime and lies are sold to the people who get …. screwed again.If you have hidden agenda or are slandering others to hide your own crimes, lies or your “real” intent, be ware it can haunt you or have a huge backlash!)

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