Wes Annac – Spiritual Guidance: Remember Your Divine, Sacred Nature – 16 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

You can each open up to the influence of spirit and flow from there with energy and information that are intended to help you find a greater state of consciousness, and everything the Company of Heaven does is for the purpose of helping every lower-dimensional planet and civilization re-find the higher realms.

Once you’re back in our realms, we can envision many of you taking further lower-dimensional experiences so you can assist in the evolutions of various other planets and civilizations who’s ascensions will be enabled and kick-started by that of the earth.

Your earthly ascension is one of the first steps to the ascension of the universe, and as you excel along your ascension path, so do other planets and civilizations excel along theirs.

If we could only communicate how infinitely connected you are with the rest of the beautiful and glorious creation around you, we would in a heartbeat. Humanity is not only infinitely connected with each other, but with the numerous other civilizations that exist far beyond your planet.

You have no earthly memory or recollection of the various civilizations you’re connected with, but you’re connected with them nevertheless and this connection is unalienable and can never be broken or tampered with.

Soul-Level Connection

The soul-level connection each spark of consciousness has with each other is deeper than physical words can express, and it’s so deep that it’s been purposely hidden from the minds and hearts of humanity for quite a long amount of your fading concept of time.

The idea that you’re all one consciousness who’s been split and divided into various godsparks is starting to be accepted, but for millennia, your planet has been separated and convinced that you’re different from one another because of outer appearances that pose no relevance in the bigger picture.

In the grand scheme of things, every facet of consciousness is eternally connected. If humanity could realize just how connected you all are, we’re confident that you’d come together in a relatively small amount of time.

If everyone on your planet could see and act on their unity, then everyone would be aware and willing to make the changes that need made before you can enter the higher realms and your civilization can become the brimming galactic society you’ve heard so much about.

Your new society is being created by the awakening humanity as we speak, and everything you do that’s intended to raise consciousness is incredibly important to the creation of your future. You’re creating your future with everything you do in this moment of now, and when inspiration or energy seem to run dry, do whatever you can to fill yourselves back up with as much of it as possible.

Your work for humanity’s awakening can’t be pure if you’re in a low or dull space, and releasing any negativity that might hold you back is imperative to finding and acting on the greater connections you seek to make. You’re infinitely able to make these connections, but you have to let yourselves believe you are before you can make any real or significant progress.

You can make progress, of course, but you have to move beyond the mind-centered block that teaches you things have to be much harder than they really have to be. In reality, your existence on the earth and everything that comes with it can be much easier than it’s been made out to be, but you have to be willing to believe it can be easy before you experience the ease you desire.

When it comes to creativity, for example, all you need to do is invite the creative flow in and allow whatever flows through to be expressed, simply and easily.

Doing this is imperative to making the greater creative connections you seek, and as long as you’re rooted in the heart and the ego doesn’t have too strong or overbearing of an influence on you, you’ll be able to soar with every creative venture you undertake and your existence on the earth will become much easier and more enjoyable.

The Underlying Creative Source

Most souls on your planet still don’t realize that there’s something deeper behind the creative routes they choose to take – there’s an underlying creative source that can enhance one’s creativity if one opens up to it.

There’s a greater flow you can access that boosts and enhances your creativity, and accessing it is the first step to producing things that were previously unknown and unheard of. If you believe in yourselves, you’ll achieve far more than you will by refusing to think you’re capable of grand feats that seem impossible from your current perspective.

They’re only impossible if you let them be, and instead, you can arise with the understanding that you’re talented and complex beings of creator energy who are on a designated mission to help raise the consciousness and awareness of your planet.

How often have we repeated that you’re capable of anything? How often have we repeated various facts and ideas that are relevant to your reclamation of your greater abilities so the souls who’ve unknowingly stopped themselves from accessing their talents could break the spell they’ve been under?

We offer what we can in hopes that as many souls as possible will pick up on it, but it’s up to you what you do with the advice and guidance we happily give. We rejoice whenever an earthly seeker acts on the advice we give in our communications, and we encourage every one of you to expand your limits by realizing that you’re capable of miracles.

You’re capable of anything and everything you’re willing to believe you’re capable of, and remaining open to the influence of spirit will help you when your creative spark seems all but doused. Opening up to the influence of the higher realms will help you with every creative venture, and you can each tap into sprit in a greater way than you have thus far and enjoy the flow that results.

This flow will deliver energy and information that are well outside of most earthly soul’s paradigms, and we offer this energy in an attempt to help expand the paradigms of everyone who absorbs it.

Our goal is and has always been to help humanity evolve, and one of the ways we attempt to achieve this goal is by communicating with the awakening humanity and offering energy and advice that we hope will be helpful to those of you stuck in the mucky density of the lower vibrations.

Your seemingly endless toils on the earth will take you to a great and unimaginable place when you’re finished helping humanity evolve, and those of you who struggle the most to bring creative, spiritually inspire works to humanity are encourage to transcend the problems or issues that hold you back and, again, invite the creative flow in without hindering or distorting it.

When you can be open and receptive to the energy and information spirit is offering, you’ll allow yourselves a glimpse into a much purer state of consciousness, which you’ll grow closer to with each glimpse.

As long as you can remain receptive to the flowing energies you’re being given and allow what comes through to be expressed through the smallest mental filters possible, any creative blocks that hindered you in the past will be transcended easily.

Meditate Before Being Creative

If you have trouble accessing and benefitting from your personal creative flows, you can meditatively connect with the higher realms before being creative. In doing so, you’ll strengthen your link to the states of consciousness that give you a needed boost in all of your creative efforts.

The flowing creativity so many souls strive so hard to find can be found in a higher state of consciousness, and meditating before undertaking a creative venture can help you increase and expand your flow like never before.

As we’ve said in the past, the conscious public is just beginning to recognize the true benefits of meditation, though meditation has been known of for thousands of years on your planet.

There are a lot of helpful spiritual practices that have been banned from your history books, but meditation has survived through the generations and remains one of the most potent and known ways to reach a higher state of consciousness. Still, its potential goes far beyond what many seekers believe, and this is in part why we encourage practicing it – before a creative venture and in general.

Meditation is one of many things that help you open up to the divine and receive the flowing energies that result from making such a connection, and channeling is another way this connection can be made and the divine energies can flow through, mightily yet gracefully.

The problem many seekers have is that they don’t give themselves a chance to really pick up on the divine and become sensitive to our energy. Many seekers who are interested in channeling try it out once or twice, find very shallow connections, and feel as if they’ve failed. Many of them then set channeling aside, convinced that it just isn’t for them.

The very idea is illusory from our perspective, because you’re in the driver’s seat and you’re fully capable of deciding what is and isn’t right for you. Certain souls tend to have certain talents that they can unlock and use for the betterment of others, but for the most part, you’re infinite and capable of any creative venture you decide to take up.

If the souls who initially give up could pursue their connections a little more and allow themselves to push through the mental chatter and everything else that distorts their greater reception of the higher-dimensional energy you’re all being given, they’d find that their flow is smoothed out.

They’d find a greater ease in picking up on the divine energy, and with practice and patience, they’d be able to develop and, eventually, enjoy their channeling ability like never before. The same can obviously be said for the development of any creative ability, and opening up to the divine will strengthen every creative connection one makes.

A lot of patience is involved with the channeling process, and if you enter into it expecting words and impressions to automatically flow in a strong and pure way, you might be in for some disappointment. This is where patience becomes important, and sometimes, even the flow of an experienced seeker will be shallow.

Enthusiasm and Patience

One of the most important factors in the channeling process is if the aspiring channel approaches the sessions with enthusiasm and patience, as well as the full understanding that what they’re doing is real.

Another problem many seekers have is that they’re quick to judge the connections they make as false, and some tend to convince themselves they aren’t skilled or worthy enough to perform certain spiritual practices, such as channeling or meditation.

This too is a false notion, and one’s only incapable of what one’s unwilling to pursue. Nothing, including channeling, is easy at first, and it’s necessary that an aspiring channel experience temporarily blocked connections and other similar difficulties that, in the long run, help them refine their abilities to pick up on us and our impressions.

Seeming failures will pop up when one hones any ability, and if you want to pursue and develop your abilities, you’ll have to be willing to deal with what you perceive as ‘failure’ and the misconnection that lowers the self-esteem of so many aspiring seekers.

It’s also important to understand that you’re divine souls who are infinitely worthy of God’s love and the sacred, universal rights you’ve always possessed. This is an inalienable fact, and nothing can change it. We say this to remind you that even if you run into perceived creative failures, you’re in no way less of a soul because of them.

So many seekers tend to look down on themselves if a particular creative work is difficult or seems to fail, and we’ve always wanted you to understand that your intention and effort are more important than the results of the work they inspire.

The very fact that you’re so uplifted and motivated that you’re willing to work for humanity’s ascension is greatly appreciated in the higher realms and will be rewarded when each of you return here, and with this in mind, you can understand that you don’t need to feel down if certain creative ventures don’t go the way you plan.

Sometimes, failure is necessary, because it helps the soul who ‘failed’ learn important lessons about themselves and the things they were trying to do. Failure has never been meant to be the end of the road, and instead, it’s meant to be a stepping stone to success.

Some of the most revolutionary inventors and scientists of your history had to fail thousands of times before they got one simple invention right, and yet, they were able to achieve incredible and revolutionary feats that, in many cases, brought the consciousness of your entire planet up.

Keeping this in mind, we hope it makes sense that you’ll have to fail in your creative pursuits a few times before you can enjoy the diamond that results from all of the coal you feel like you initially receive.

You’re Always Growing

You have to be able to fail a few times and greet whatever frustration might result so you can transmute the discouragement that drives such frustration and continue in your creative pursuits, and as you continue to learn and grow, you’ll find that everything, especially your creative issues, played an essential role in your soul-level growth and development.

The beauty of your existence (and especially your work to help others become aware) is that it’s never complete. You’re always moving; always growing and developing, and even when you’re in the fifth dimension, you won’t have reached your destination by far.

Everything is a work in progress, and we hope for this to help those of you who are worried about achieving success and other finite things that don’t matter as much as your will and intention to help humanity become aware of spirit.

We’ll repeat as much as we need that as long as you have those, you’re golden. As long as you’re willing to produce work you strive to be pure and potent, the entirety of the Company of Heaven will recognize and be eternally grateful for your selfless service to humanity’s ascension.

Many of you have chosen to come to the earth, leaving behind comfortable higher-dimensional lives, and this alone is such a selfless feat that your ‘fate’ in the higher realms is assured. By this we mean that you’ve already given so much positive service to others that the experiences you’ll have in the higher realms will be blissful to say the least.

All of creation operates in a manner similar to your lower-dimensional karma, though one exits the karmic cycle when they reach a higher state of consciousness. You create your reality, individually and collectively, and the selfless acts so many of you have already achieved will reward you endlessly.

Well make our final expressions for this communication with further encouragement to keep practicing and honing your crafts and abilities – especially when your connections seem shallow and you seem unable to create in the manners you really want to. Creative blocks are natural, and they can be transcended easily.

Keep this in mind when the stresses and fears pile up, and always remember your divine, sacred nature and that of the place you’re returning to.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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