Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 17 June 2014

AishaNorthAs you have perhaps already noticed, you have already been carried far out to sea by these incoming energies, and as such, you may find yourself at a place that seems both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, and rightly so. For even if you are indeed venturing out into virgin territory, you are also venturing further and further into you, and so, what may seem unsettling at times will soon grow into something more akin to a homecoming where you will sense the profound feeling of finally coming fully home to you. But as yet, you may still encounter some glimpses of yesteryear that may serve to unbalance you in such a way, you might think you have fallen prey to that old and unwanted companion, fear. But fear not, this is not what is happening, this can in many ways be likened to the rapid unspooling of an old film, where some of the frames may come into focus as the rest of the narrative disappears in a blur.

You see, many of your old imprints can still linger somewhere in your system, and so, they are apt to resurface in one form or the other at the most inopportune moment, so what you may take for retardation is simply a continuation of your advancement. For you are moving forwards at an ever increasing rate, and even if you still may stub your toe on some of these small fragments still cluttering up a corner or two, they are no longer part of your life, even if the very presence of them will ignite some of the old circuits and produce a ghostlike effect that may be similar to some of your old patterns and memories, but they are merely a mirage.

For you are no longer that person who used to BE these things, but still, they will seem to be more familiar than that new version of you you have still to get fully acquainted with. And so, your brain will resort to default mode, and focus on what it knows from before instead of seeing it for what it truly is, merely fragments of an old illusion passing by as you pass it on your way to that future you are already very much immersed within. For in this, it is simply  a case of parallel timelines, criss-crossing and intersecting in a way that may drive some of you to despair. For even if you in effect have already crossed over that border from the old to the new, you will still encounter some of these old segments, and they in turn will make you feel as if nothing at all has changed, and you are still stuck in that same old rut.

In addition, the vibrational memories these representatives of the former you will trigger will be even more unpalatable to your system than they were before, for as you moved out of the old energetic version of you, you also changed your vibrational frequency to such a degree, the old and far denser version of you will feel even more bothersome and indeed burdensome to your entire system. And so, we venture to guess that many of you have felt even more downcast and unable to lift your spirits than usual these last few days, and what we have discussed above is the simple answer to this. We know that this may not help to lift the burden per se, but this is the simple explanation for why many of you have felt even more removed from that wonderful world you have already gotten that first enlightened taste of. And so, you will cast about for an explanation, and this in itself may serve to entangle you even more in the old web you have in effect been released from, but that still manage to cast its spell on you if you let it.

Again, this is not to imply any form of criticism towards any of you, for we do know that these old energetic imprints still hovering around are not always easy to simply step away from, and so, what we want to convey is that this is one of those stages that needs to be endured in some way, and the understanding that this is just an echo of the past coming back to haunt you and not anything defined that needs to be sorted through and taken apart will hopefully be of some assurance to you all. You see, this will soon dissipate again, much like the morning mist obscuring the beautiful landscape you have arrived in, and it will not take long before you start to discern the details in this wondrous landscape yet again. For you have all in some way gotten a glimpse of this promised land, and so the return of these ghostlike fragments of yore can be a heavy blow to many of you. You see, having something with which to compare these burdensome memories with can be far more challenging than actually living the kind of life that engendered all of these energetic imprints in the first place. For now, you will literally see them in a very new light, and you will experience them through a body who has already grown accustomed to more lighter and brighter spheres than the one you used to inhabit. And so, even a lingering trace of the old smell can be enough to knock you flat out, gasping for air, feeling as if your lungs have been squeezed completely shut by the pressure from all of this old density.

Again, that is understandable, but again, this is not an actual part of your old life returning, merely an energetic imprint of it, masquerading as reality. And so, what you see is not what you will get, but still, it may feel as if you have been fully immersed in all of the old goo again, and the prospect of having to try to pull yourself out of this old morass once again can feel more than impossible to some of you. But that is just the case here, you do not have to DO anything at all with all of these old fragments, they will simply dissipate one by one, like even the foulest of smells will sooner or later cease to exist. And in the interim, all you have to do, is to try to focus beyond these smoldering mirages of old and intrusive memories, and set your sight on the bright light that will always be there around the edges of these chimeras.

You see, these seemingly dark and threatening clouds cannot drench you or make you lose your footing completely, they can at best just make you wobble a little bit before you once again feel the unending support carrying you aloft, in every sense of the word. For by now, your wondrous planet has regained her momentum, and she will be there for you – literally every step of the way. For whenever you feel the pressure from these old and lingering traces of yesteryear pushing you down, just give them a mighty push back by grounding yourself firmly in the forever stable foundation you now walk upon, the very ground beneath your feet that will never give out, nor fail to give you that push you might need to lift your spirit above this seemingly dense covering of threatening clouds. For they are not solid, they are merely the last traces of the wisps of smoke that used to cover your entire world. But now, in addition to the all-powerful light streaming in from above, you also have the full support from below, in the form of that ever present vibration that your greatest ally, your Mother Earth is sending out a steady supply of, 24/7, no matter where you reside and no matter how thick the fog around your head may seem.

For nothing can push you down and into that old rut, for you will find purchase and sustenance from both above and below now, and as such, these two forces will both serve to bring you even further up and away from these old remnants, these old ruins of your former self. For remember, this is not you any longer, it just looks, tastes and even feels so familiar, it can be more than understandable that anyone can mistake these old illusions as part of your new reality. But they are not, and you will soon learn to distinguish between the two as more and more of the air will become clear again.

For you have entered a phase where the quickening of the energies will once again serve to remove you even more from these old “hazards” seemingly choking up the stream and restricting your forward momentum, and one by one, you will find yourself once again in the full glare of the Sun, delighting in the fresh air and taking in your brand new surroundings. Again, it is not your task to clear away all of this debris, it will simply dissipate all by itself, and all you have to do, is not let your head get lost in this fog, but let you heart lead you to once again focus in the right direction, in the direction where the light is the strongest. And if you also remember to allow yourself to receive that help you can get by connecting deeply with your own Mother Earth, you will feel a mighty but friendly shove in the back that will also help you to get our from this at times seemingly tangled mass.

So again we say know that all is well and you will soon find yourself floating rapidly ahead in the middle of this mighty river of light, and this river will not stop, nor will it leave you behind, for you are indeed truly ONE by now. So cherish this ride, for it is one you will never forget, and do not get downcast if you still find some small particles of debris bobbing up around you. For they will not be able to take the pressure from the light that is amassing on all sides of you now, and sooner than you think they too will truly be a thing of the past. For you are moving rapidly away from everything that used to be you, and so, you are more than ready to say goodbye to any and all traces of that former version of you that will no longer serve any purpose at all in this, the new world, where all you will find, are brand new beginnings. / link to original article

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