Laura Bruno – The Tipping Point Of Gardens – 17 june 2014

laura-of-the-rocksIn looking for David’s parents’ extra hoses, I stumbled upon a small cache of garden pots and bird houses, right after David’s sister and I took a serendipitous trip to Goodwill, where I also found some almost free pots and flower vases. Suddenly having extra pots after just seeing what my friend Leah had done with her front yard tree stump brought a splash of creativity to our yard. Until now, I’ve focused primarily on edible ornamentals and/or bee/butterfly habitats. I hadn’t deemed the shady, wild backyard worthy of too much concentration, because, frankly, it seemed overwhelming. I cannot believe what a difference a few pots, birdhouses, Tibetan flags and shade plants make!




Tibetan flags

We have another birdhouse to hang on the back fence, but I need to get an S-hook for that. Meanwhile, as David’s sister advised me on semi-shade plants for the backyard, we also found some semi-shade plants for the north side of the house:




We’re having a very windy day here, today, sending delicate flowers into riots of fun. Our Alaskan peas nearly took flight, except for the grape vine tendrils keeping their tomato cage support quasi-anchored:

flying peas

Way up front, the lavender dances with yarrow and lemon balm:


For some reason, just those small additions in the back and on the side made everything else come that much more alive. Later this week, I begin an informal apprenticeship with a florist who grows her own flowers. She grew up on an organic farm and has loads and loads of flowers in her yard. I want. Since she has more work than one person can handle at the moment, I volunteered to help her in exchange for knowledge and any plants in need of thinning. She gratefully accepted this trade. I am so very, very excited. I knew my soul had been craving beauty and whimsy since moving to Goshen, and finally, with all the efforts outside and inside our home, I feel like we’ve balanced on the side of more beauty than not.

We have reached …

The Tipping Point. 🙂 / link to original article

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