No More Radiohead: YouTube To Ban Indie Labels, Charge For Music Service – 18 June 2014

RT logoThousands of music videos are expected to soon disappear off of YouTube because the independent record labels behind those artists are not involved in new deals being cut by the Google-owned streaming site.

According to The Financial Times, YouTube will announce within a matter of days that videos on the site featuring recording artists from certain independent labels will be blocked, lest those labels sign licensing agreements that’ll let those songs to be included on a new service coming soon from Google.

When the forthcoming service, YouTube Music Pass, is finally launched later this summer, subscribers are expected to be able to not just stream videos from one of the world’s most popular sites, but back up that content to enjoy later on even when an internet connection isn’t available — a feature currently offered by competing, pay-to-list music services like Spotify and Rhapsody, but not YouTube. To get as much, however, customers will have to fork over a small fee, and so far independent labels have refused to agree to the licensing agreements involved.

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