Visionkeeper – Truth… – 18 June 2014

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The Government at this time seems determined to cram fear down our throats with the intention of keeping us off-balance and distracted from ourselves and our own power. The state of the world is fragile at this precarious moment in our evolution, but if we concentrate, we can also see the strength that resides within each of us. If we tune into that power and direct it onto the planet, we are able to overcome the dramas playing out around us and keep ourselves centered on the truth of what is taking place in OUR world.The world is changing dramatically now no matter how hard the dark tries to keep us locked into this time warp of destruction. They would have us concentrate on the war, the brutality, the death, the fear, thereby keeping us trapped in the lower frequencies and unable to connect with our power. We must not fall for this age-old trick they have pulled on us to the point it is now worn out and frayed at the edges. We must act as full bellied, well fed fish who no longer have the need to bite at whatever food is dangled before them. We are aware now of their tactics, but just that awareness is not enough to see us through this mine riddled battlefield. We must put into practice all of what we have learned over the past years, and refuse to fall prey to these tactics and stand tall against it by living in our own truth.

As Obama’s ratings plummet over scandal after scandal, we are today being asked to believe they just happened upon one of the Benghazi terrorists and so now we are supposed to forget the scandals and feel warm and fuzzy about Obama again. I don’t think so! These are trying times and we are constantly being asked to sift through the rubble for the truth of everything because we are not being told the truth. Once we realize this we are well on our way to the new world. Just the act of understanding what are lies and what are truths is a major part of awakening. It allows us to view the world through new eyes and see the bigger picture of what is going on. First we had to realize our life was a puzzle, then we had to begin putting the pieces in one at a time and now we are fixing to place the last piece in. I cannot emphasize enough the need for us to recognize the drama traps being paraded out on TV hoping to snag us and reel us in. Shut off the television.

Our power lies in our knowledge of truth, for when we know the truth we can no longer be sucked in by lies. I know I personally am strong on integrity and lies are very difficult for me to listen to, and unfortunately the world is swimming in lies right now. The key to dealing with this is having the ability to recognize them and then allow them to wash away. We cannot hold on to the bad energy that is permeating the planet. Be aware of the lies, then release them and stay solidly in the truth of the world we are now creating where compassion and honesty prevail and love pours forth from every heart. We are close to finishing our puzzle and being in that new world, that last piece is about to fall into place, so stay strong despite the chaos, stay awake and know all will be well. / link to original article





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