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UK Column News – 19 June 2014

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TheIndependent – Spain’s King Felipe VI Takes The Throne, Telling Country: ‘We Are A Great Nation’ – 19 June 2014

The independent

Taking the Spanish throne on Thursday, King Felipe VI sought to inspire his beleaguered countrymen amid troubled economic times and lift patriotic spirits a day after the national team’s humbling exit from the World Cup.

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TheIndependent – Nicolas Sarkozy’s Campaign Staff Concealed €17m Of Illegal Overspending With ‘Fake Bills’ – 19 June 2014

The Independent

By John Lichfield

Senior aides to former President Nicolas Sarkozy organised a system of double book-keeping to conceal €17m (£13.6m) of illegal overspending on his failed 2012 re-election campaign, it has been alleged.

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The UK Column – Reset: The Savage Destruction Of Our Constitution – 19 June 2014

UK ColumnIn February 2010, just three months before the last general election, David Miliband was widely reported as calling for a “reset” of the British Constitution. The then Foreign Secretary argued that there should be a “wide ranging reset referendum which would allow voters to express an opinion on a series of constitutional reform proposals on the same day”.

James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 904 – New World Next Week With James Evan Pilato – 19 June 2014

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Laura Bruno – Sacred Geometry, Fractals, Code – 19 June 2014


This is a May 2011 post by Jon Rappoport, which WordPress linked to his most recent post about Chaos and Sacred Geometry. I felt led to post this one today, though, as I’ve had a series of back and forth emails with someone wanting me to post some of their Sacred Geometry articles on my blog. For a variety of reasons, I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I could easily recognize some of those reasons, but this synchronous stumbling upon Jon’s old post articulates more of the undercurrents I felt. Continue reading

Sandra Walter – Blessings For A Radiant Solstice – 19 June 2014

SandraWalterBlessings upon this Solstice passage! The New Light continues to reveal, inspire, enlighten. Open to it, this is a prime opportunity for expansion into the Divine.

We are blessed to have many visitors in Mount Shasta ~ it is beautiful to see radiant HUmans in town. I AM playing with the Light Tribe through the weekend, apologies for unanswered messages. Continue reading

Obama Sending Up To 300 Military Advisers To Iraq – 19 June 2014

RT logoPresident Barack Obama said Thursday that up to 300 additional American military personnel will head to Iraq and assume an advisory role there amidst a growing insurgency that’s threatened the republic’s central government.

Speaking from the White House, Pres. Obama said the new deployment is meant “to assess how we can best train, advise and support Iraqi security forces going forward.”

The latest announcement comes only days after Pres. Obama said earlier this week that he was sending 275 armed troops to Baghdad as a security precaution after Islamic militants took two other major cities in the region by storm in a matter of only days.

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US Wants To Oust Maliki, While He Refuses To Resign In Exchange For Airstrikes – 19 June 2014

RT logoAs the United States mulls whether or not to provide military support to Iraq in its battle against Sunni insurgents, recent reports indicate the White House wants Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki out of power.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is certain that Maliki will be unable or unwilling to create a governing body that encompasses Iraq’s Sunni minority. As a result, American officials told the newspaper that a new governing body made up of Sunnis and Shiites would be necessary to bring some kind of peace to the country – one that does not include Maliki.

The UK-based Independent went further, stating that the United States isn’t just convinced a new political coalition is necessary – it is withholding military support until the prime minister steps down. The White House has reportedly told senior Iraqi officials Maliki must go so that the Sunni and Shia can have a chance at reconciliation.

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And Some Bomb Threats Showing Things Are In Full Swing For Diversions – 19 June 2014

RT: Central Stockholm cordoned off after man with ‘explosives’ enters building/ Two central areas in the Swedish capital are in lockdown after a man walked into an office building in Gamla Stan claiming he has a bomb strapped to his body : http://rt.com/news/167116-stockholm-man-bomb-threat/

RT: UK parliament evacuated after suspicious package found / The British parliament was quickly evacuated following a security alert after a suspicious package was found in the visitor center in Westminster Hall : http://rt.com/news/167068-parliament-uk-evacuated-package/