Wes Annac – Spiritual Guidance: Creativity Is A Beautiful Thing – 19 June 2014

wes-annac-300x229Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Reclaiming your freedom is the first step to enjoying your lives in ways would’ve never thought possible, and if you aren’t in a lively enough space to do the work you’re on the earth to do, such work will be muddied and distorted.

It’s essential that you enjoy ourselves and put yourselves in as positive of a space as you can muster up while you go about your work for humanity’s ascension, and if you’re drained at the time of working, your creations won’t be nearly as pure or potent as many of you strive for them to be.

You have the ability and opportunity to produce work that’s immensely helpful to humanity’s ascension, and like we’ve said plenty of times in the past, it’s important to believe in yourselves and your abilities if you want to do anything significant or helpful.

Always keep in mind that you’re made of the stuff of dreams, and by this we mean you’re composed of the etheric matter you perceive when you’re in a higher state of consciousness. Even though you’re incarnate on the earth in physical bodies, your perception is rooted in various different realms and levels of experience at once.


You’re currently perceiving the third-dimensional earth, and at the same time, you’re subconsciously perceiving various other realms that you’ve rooted aspects of your consciousness in for the purpose of helping those realms, as well as the earth, evolve.

The multidimensional realms so many of you are incarnate in are influencing the ascension of the earth, and this is in part why you’re in these realms.

Many, many fragments of your overall being are stationed in places that are important to the earth’s ascension, and the physical locations you’re each in are also important to your earth’s ascension and, specifically, to the energy you’re being given, which is helping you reach increasingly pure states of consciousness and awareness.

The energy is being turned up and intensified on Gaia, and in every moment, you’re being given increasingly pure banquets of it that are intended to give you a needed ‘boost’.

Your journey entails feeling energetic at times and depleted at others, and when you can’t seem to find the greater energy you seek, feel free to take a break and find the revitalization you seek by meditating, going out to nature, or doing whatever else fills you back up with energy and inspiration.

We don’t recommend taking a break for too long, however, because you each have a lot of important work to do and it’s easy to stop yourselves from doing this work. It’s very easy to let yourselves rest too often and forget about the greater purpose you’re on the earth to fulfill, but you’ll hold yourselves and the planet around you back if you do.

Resting is certainly important, but many of you can discern by this point how much rest you require and when it’ll be more helpful for you to jump back into your creative pursuits instead of continuing to rest. Your new world can’t be built if everyone constantly takes breaks, but some recalibration will be required at times if you want your work to remain pure.

We never recommend a striving seeker burn themselves out in the name of producing pure and potent work, but you can strive for your work to be as pure as possible if you feel led to do so. We know the conscious public wants their work to be helpful, and we note that many seekers tend to take it personally if the creative flows they seek don’t seem to be there.

Like we mentioned in a previous communication, creative blocks only exist to help the seeker who experiences them refine and understand their abilities in a greater way, and they’re nothing to be frustrated about.

They certainly don’t need to lower your self-esteem, but if you let them, you’ll set yourselves and your work for humanity’s ascension back and it could be more difficult to get back to the pure, inspired place so many of you want so badly to be in.

Creativity is a beautiful thing, and bringing through the expressions of the soul-self will fill the seekers who do it with a level of wholeness and invigoration that hasn’t been touched by most people on your planet. If you keep at your creative pursuits while allowing yourselves to rest when the energy doesn’t seem there, you’ll continue refining and expanding your abilities and your resulting work will be purer than it’s ever been.

Liberation Can be Found in Purpose

Believing in yourselves will always be important for those of you who want to help others, and if your own self-esteem is low, you can’t expect to uplift or awaken others with the material you produce.

Understand that you’re divine souls – infinitely capable, growing beings of Source energy who are intended to pursue the creative routes that resonate the most with you. Doing so will fill you with the sense of purpose so many of you feel as if you lack, and liberation can be found in purpose.

Realizing that you each have a destiny – a reason for being on your planet at this crucial juncture in it and it’s people’s evolution, will motivate those of you who’ve been stagnant to start picking up on the energies and impressions of the higher realms and using them to help the conscious public.

Maintaining a higher-dimensional connection will give all of your creative works the added boost they and you require.

The purity that seems so common in the work of so many seekers is a result of their successful efforts to connect and reconnect with the higher realms, and when such a connection seems unattainable, you can remember that unattainability, like anything else that preaches finiteness, is an illusion.

You have the ability to do or obtain anything you desire, and this includes the greater connections you can each make. Your abilities are as limitless as your growing perception, and understanding this is key to transcending the frustration that can arise when one faces a creative block.

The entirety of the Company of Heaven continues to watch you experience the lows and highs of the earth, and we forever encourage each of you to find the balance you seek.

Balance, along with wholeness, will help you feel much better and more assured about yourselves and your existence, and when balance seems difficult to attain, we recommend stepping back from the situation that requires it, breathing a little, and doing whatever you can to find your calm center.

Balance is more important than we could hope to express, through this or any other scribe, and remaining balanced will help you navigate the highs and lows of the earth in a much easier way.

Overall, keeping in mind that balance will help you is one of the keys to remaining in your center in the face of the usual pains and stresses, and you’re encouraged to constantly keep in mind that even though duality is your world’s nature, you don’t have to be a part to fit.

You don’t have to lend your energy to the duality that’s so common on your earth, and instead, you can transcend it and become the examples of divinely inspired change for the rest of your planet to notice and benefit from.

The rest of your world will eventually open up to the existence of spirit and the importance of balance, and when they do, they’ll mirror and emanate those of you who are becoming the example. We aren’t saying the rest of society will conform to what the conscious public does, but your example will inspire them to become examples and start living the divinely inspired lives they’ll want to live.

Living for spirit will fill you with an unprecedented sense of love and wholeness, and the greater connections you seek can be found when you’re in as open and receptive of a state as possible. Keep yourselves open to the influence of spirit, dearest awakening seekers, because it’ll provide every bit of joyful elation and wholeness you seek.

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to continue ‘living the dream’ and filling yourselves with spiritual inspiration and energy as much and as often as possible. The more you do while you’re on the earth, the easier it’ll be for others to awaken and start the greatest of their work, and you’re each an important asset to the earthly and universal ascensions.

We’ve mentioned before that your earth’s ascension is the first step to the ascension of the universe, and the work you do now will be and already is inspiring other souls on other planets (and on your planet, of course) to start their work and, eventually, ascend themselves.

Ascension will be universal this time around, and when you’re finished on the earth, you’ll move on to help various other planets and civilizations find the higher state of consciousness they seek. Eventually, we’ll all be back in Source’s realms, and when we are, we can look back on our lower-dimensional experience with love and appreciation for the highs and the lows.

We’ll find that it was all a part of the game of growing and learning, and eventually, we’ll do it all over again. This is why we mention so often that your (and our) journey’s never complete, and in a sense, we’ll always be learning and growing to new heights – even when we start the entire journey over again.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

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