StoryLeak – Plan To Tax Drivers By The Mile With GPS Trackers Moves Forward – 20 June 2014


(Lucas: In The Netherlands they have discussed over and over with all sorts of systems to tax drivers per mile/km and now they are trying to roll things out in the USA. The issues coming back every time were that no real guarantee could be given that privacy data on where you go and who you visit is safe as it is not of anyones business. Still the current overkill already on monitoring via internet, social media, cell phones, tablets, navigation, chips in cars, etc, is already a fact.  And road and street cams, license plate scanners know also a lot more than people think about your behaviour and where about if the data are put together with a profile…  It is that what has become of your freedom : it has become a controlled society that already for most of the time knows where you are, go and what you do, buy and like.Stop thinking it is not. It is time to stop this Huxley world.)

A plan to tax and track drivers by the mile is gaining grounds in several states, causing many civil liberties advocates to sound the alarm.

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