Fran Zepeda – Lady Master Quan Yin – Codes of Divinity – 22 June, 2014

Picture of me 5 (2)Lady Master Quan Yin:

Hello Beloveds, I AM Quan Yin, Divine Feminine Messenger of the East, encompassing you all in my deep Love and abiding affection and gratitude for all the endeavors you have undertaken in the name of Love and Compassion. I enfold you in my vast heart and deliver to you wisdom of the ages that you are all ready to receive and awaken to.

I come before you now to deliver a message through this scribe, who has been communing with me on many occasions. The soft Love I deliver to her often, I am now offering to you, once infinitesimal and now monumental in scope, as now you can all take it in in this greater capacity.

You have welcomed this Love Energy in its purest form of late and your bodies are readied to receive more of it on a moment-by-moment basis, in your daily ventures.

Feel it circling you now and penetrating into all your cells. You are refined and ready for a deeper dousing of this Love Energy. You have been primed for it and as the Solstice energies continue, you are accepting more and more of this beautiful Love Energy into your bodies and cells and hearts.

You will find that you do not reject it as much as before, kind of like your bodies are getting used to rich food that before now you could not tolerate. The refinement of your crystalline bodies is making it so that this rich, rich Love Energy is being welcomed into your Light bodies with deeper penetration and staying power so that you may utilize it much more readily to create your dreams.

I surround you now in deep reverence and serve to awaken that Divine Feminine in you to a deeper degree. I bow to you and yours. I bow to your Divinity as it makes itself known to yourself and to the world in increasing presence.

Your presence is becoming refined and all-encompassing now to deliver many radiating rays of LoveLight to all who are ready to receive them and to lift up even those who consciously are not as ready.

I penetrate your heart now with increasing waves of Love and Wisdom that are in codes that only your Divine Self knows how to decipher – and then deliver to yourself in feelings and knowings that you can utilize in your daily life. Accept me and those codes now, dear ones, for I deliver them in complete Love and Reverence to you, my beloved forerunners in New Earth.

And dear beloveds, you hold the key to awareness in each of your hearts. You may begin to find that these new awarenesses coming from the codes being delivered to you in these recent energies are subtle yet profound. It merely requires you to be aware that they have been implanted, and with a gentle nudge from your willingness to accept and be aware of this inner wisdom, will forthright deliver it to you.

And this wisdom you have really always contained, is now being “delivered” to you through your heart like “timed release capsules” coming to your awareness and to the surface as you are ready for it. And your readiness is unique to each and every one of you, but as a whole it is affecting the collective consciousness in very powerful ways as you allow the wisdom of the ages to trickle slowly but surely into your awareness now.

You may notice you often have the inclination and urge to just sit and Be within your silence, and in these moments the deep wisdom that has always been your birthright will slowly make its way into your consciousness and allow you to make sense of so many things.

You must not be impatient. It may take some time for this recent Insistent “bathing” of the energies to make their mark on you, for you to assimilate and utilize the codes and knowledge being delivered and settling within you.

And I sit with you now, dear ones, and support you in your further awakening. I offer you an invocation now for your utilization in these coming days:

   “I accept and receive the energies from On High and I welcome them into my body and consciousness, unafraid and undaunted, so they may settle into my awareness and deliver to me knowledge and understanding of my purpose and my path.

    I welcome the wisdom of the ages to dwell within me untainted by experiences and illusions of the 3rd dimension, and I accept it wholly. I allow my divine mind to decipher this wisdom and allow it to replace my ego-mind’s rationalizations and perceptions.

    I now feel at peace and in serenity as I capture and receive and decipher the ancient wisdom of my Divinity, rising up now untainted and undaunted, from the dense “earth” of duality to the New Earth of Divine Truth, from illusions of duality to the truth of the higher dimensions and Oneness in the Present Now.

    I bow to my Divinity and I bow to others’ Divinity and marvel at the wonders this reverence brings.


And now dear sweet ones, I deliver more Love to you and ask you to feel it and take it into all cells of your body in sweet gentle waves as I pour it into you with such Love and Reverence for your Divinity.

All my Love,

I AM Lady Quan Yin


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